The best apps to help you through exams

Exams are looming. You’re having a meltdown. Get yourself together with the help of your phone or tablet and these top 10 apps.

Getting organised

First things first, you need to know when your exams are so you can plan your revision accordingly.

1.    Exam Countdown


Create a personal exam timetable. As soon as you find out your exam dates, plot them into the app. It’ll then tell you how many days you have until each exam – all from a handy home screen. Your subjects can be colour-coded and given an icon too so you don’t get mixed up.

For: Android/iOS

Cost: Free

2.    Exam Pal


This app works in a similar way, but there’s less schlep on your part. You can search for exam dates across all exam boards and plot your dates into a personalised timetable. Sync the app with your iPhone or iPad so you know what’s going on when you’re out and about

Get your head down

Now you know the when and where, it’s time to get cracking with the actual learning.

3.    CamScanner


Pen and paper will be your main revision tools. But sheets of paper can get torn, books can be lost, revision started in one notebook and finished in another.

Keep your notes organised with CamScanner. It turns your phone’s camera into a document scanner.

Scan your notes, put them in folders by subject. Annotate them with your own added notes. Access your documents from your phone or tablet.

For: Android/iOS/ Windows  

Cost: Free (for basic account)

Getting your grammar straight

Exam papers littered with spelling and grammar mistakes are not a good look.

4.    Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation


Understand the difference between its and it’s. Learn rules like i before e except after c and generally pimp up your writing.

This app solves your grammatical conundrums from A through to Z. From adverbs and adjectives to split infinitives and semicolon usage.

For: Android/iOS

Cost: £8.49

5.    Cambridge Dictionaries


It’s a good idea to know how to spell those tricky words specific to your subject before you go in to sit the exam. You don’t want to explain the theorem only to misspell the word. And it’s always worth practising commonly misspelled words like accommodate, achieve and independent.

For: Android/iOS

Cost: Free

Friendly moral support

To stop yourself flipping you sometimes need a little help from your friends.

6.    Skype


You’ve been revising for 4 hours straight. You’re tired, bored and it’s just stopped going in. It’s time to have a break. To speak to someone else. Skype turns your smartphone into a shoulder to cry on. See your mum or best friend’s face as you unload your stress on to them (lucky them).

For: Android/iOS/Windows

Cost: Free

7.    Evernote


Those lectures you missed with hangovers are biting you in the butt. You don’t have the notes you need. And you’re feeling the burn.

Let your friends share their notes with you in a few simple screen taps. And you can do the same for them.

Provided you both have Evernote. Add a wireless keyboard to your tablet and you have the perfect note-taking system. How to share docs on Evernote

For: Android/iOS/Windows

Cost: Free (for basic account)


You’ve had a great afternoon at the books. You deserve to treat yourself to some downtime.

8.    Netflix


Movies and TV shows coming out of your ears. From hipster favourite Better Call Saul to kids’ movie Wreck-It Ralph. Political thriller House of Cards to black and white Hollywood classics.

Netflix has plenty to keep you happy. And now you can watch on your tablet or phone thanks to the Netflix app. The controls are nice and smooth, and it’s easy to find your way around.

What for: Android/iOS/Windows

Cost: Free (but you need a subscription)

9.  Angry Birds


So what if it’s old school? Angry Birds is still a great way to fill a short study break. It was the first app game to become ‘a thing’ – reaching 2 billion downloads by 2014.

The original has spawned a whole slew of spin-off Angry Birds games too.

At least you know you won’t be the only student spending their time launching legless birds from a catapult with the aim at hitting pig shelters.

And it’s super-easy to play, so won’t be too taxing on your study-stressed head.

What for: Android/iOS/Windows

Cost: 79p 

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