Twitter 10k: 5 things we’re excited about

As Twitter gets set to expand its tweet limit to 10,000 characters, we pick out the 5 things we’re most excited about seeing when it launches.

14 Jan 2016


Twitter is set to expand its character limit from 140 to 10,000 characters – totally transforming the way we use the site.

Why is Twitter expanding its character limit?

We’ve all been there – composing the perfect tweet, debriefing your weekend antics when the character limit slips into negative numbers. To get round it you can resort to text slang, rewrite it completely or spread it out across several posts and annoy everyone on your timeline.

For a while now, clever users have been finding ways round the limit – like posting screen shots of longer pieces of text – and it seems that Twitter’s caught on. Although some people have argued that getting rid of the iconic 140 character limit would defy the point of Twitter altogether.


What does 10,000 characters look like?

Twitter’s direct message limit is already 10K characters – it was changed in August last year when users complained it wasn’t long enough for them to use effectively.

It’s the equivalent of 3 sides of A4 text – or around 6 and a half pages of a Harry Potter book.


Twitter 10K - the things we can’t wait to see

Whether you’re #for or #against the longer character limit, it’s going to have a big impact on the way we use Twitter. Here are some of our favourite new uses:


1. Obama’s speeches

The US President is a big fan of Twitter and often posts snippets from speeches, along with links to podcasts and short video statements.

With the longer character limit, the team behind @BarackObama have room to get a lot more creative. We’re hoping to see live transcripts from his speeches and insightful statements from the White House HQ.

Tweet from the White House 

2. Even more celebrity insights

Thanks to Twitter we’ve been able to stalk our favourite celebrities for the past 9 years. And who doesn’t love an over-sharer?

From hints about new album and film releases, to the mundane ‘what I had for lunch’ tweets – 10,000 characters will give them a lot more to talk about.

Top picks to follow include:  

  • @katyperry – the most-followed celebrity on Twitter. If you aren’t following already, join the other 71 million people who are
  • @KimKardashian – she’s made her name sharing her life on social media for a reason. Follow for a glimpse at her lavish lifestyle
  • @taylorswift13 – her ‘squad’ includes some of the most famous women on the planet right now


3. Weird trends

Every year, a few big stories surface out of nowhere and get everyone talking. Who could forget #TheDress that turned whole offices, families and couples against each other?

One of the most fascinating things about Twitter is the way some trends unexpectedly blow up. We’re interested to see how the extra characters change the way we share weird and wonderful snippets from around the web.

 twitter dress

4. Breaking news – as it unfolds

For all the wacky trends and celebrity gossip floating around, there’s also a more serious side to the social networking site. We’ve seen some of the biggest news stories unfold on Twitter – with snippets of first-hand accounts and snapshots. 

This is where Twitter’s new character limit could really come into its own – bringing you the latest news as it happens in a lot more detail.


5. The classic Kanye rant

It’s fair to say the self-confessed ‘greatest living rock star on the planet’ is partial to a Twitter rant or two. If you follow him, you would have seen tweet upon tweet (upon tweet) as he shares what’s really going on in that creative mind of his.

With the new limit, Kanye’s free to rant to his heart’s content. The only question is – are 10,000 characters long enough?

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