What’s new from Facebook? F8 conference headlines

Virtual reality Facebook for Oculus Rift was among the headlines from F8. Get the full story…  

19 Apr 2017



Facebook rebooted for Oculus Rift

VR has been one of the biggest tech stories of the past year or so. Now it’s coming to social media. Strap on an Oculus Rift headset and boot up Spaces, Facebook’s new VR app.

It’s a place for you to hang out with your friends (all rendered as cartoon-style avatars) on Facebook as though you’re all in the same room.

Cool things you can do with Spaces…

  • Wander around 360 videos of nature reserves and suchlike
  • Use your favourite profile picture to create your virtual avatar
  • Flip 360 photos around to view them from up, down or side to side
  • Do a quick sketch of a hat and then place it on your virtual friend’s head
  • Make video calls to friends’ phones and they can speak to your avatar

Want to try it out? You’ll need an Oculus Rift VR headset. One of the more powerful tethered headsets, the Rift works with a high-end PC to deliver top-class VR gaming and other experiences.

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Facebook Stories set to get better with AR Studio

If you’ve used the recently launched Facebook Stories feature you’ll know it lets you create stitched together Snapchat-like ‘stories’ overlaid with cartoons and text. 

Now that’s about to get a whole lot better with AR Studio. So when you swipe right from your newsfeed to create a story, you’ll soon find thousands of augmented reality effects to enhance your post. These will include 3D text and images. 

What’s augmented reality? Put simply it’s when digital images are overlaid on the real world. It’s all part of Facebook’s new Camera Effects Platform, which gives the social network’s artists and developers tools to create what Facebook describes as: ‘interactive effects and masks using the latest in augmented reality technologies’.

These can ‘be used to create masks, scripted effects, animated frames and other AR technologies that react to movement, the environment or interactions during Live videos’.

How will it work? A few examples were shown at F8, including: 

  • Sports: Manchester United fans celebrating over drinks with live scores and stats running over the footage 
  • Gaming: Mass Effect: Andromeda was shown with a virtual helmet added

How to create Facebook Stories: Either swipe right on the News Feed or tap the camera in the top-left corner of your Facebook app.

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