Faster Kindle Fire HDX tablet boasts super-sharp screen

The lighter, thinner Kindle Fire HDX is three times faster than its predecessor - find out all about it here...

17 Oct 2013


If you're looking to impress this Christmas with a tablet which zips between websites and apps at super-speed, boasts a screen matching the sharpest on the market and is light enough to carry wherever you go, the new Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon could be the one.

The new Amazon tablet comes in 7.0 inch and 8.9inch options. Both boast super-sharp screens and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, which makes the HDX three times faster than the original Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire HDX Family

(Credit: Amazon)

Amazon has also updated the Kindle Fire HD tablet, which is now a third lighter than the original Kindle Fire and starts from just £119, while the HDX has a screen matching that of Google's Nexus 7. The seven-inch HDX has 323 pixels per inch (ppi) and the 8.9-inch version has 339 ppi. To put this into context, the Nexus 7 is currently touted as having the world's sharpest seven-inch screen, and it also has a pixel density of 323.

Then there's the HDX's Mayday feature, which allows you to call for help from an online tech expert when you get stuck. The expert will pop up in a tiny window on your screen within 15 seconds, and help you find an app or set time limits for your kids.

Kindle HDXMayday 2 Button

(Credit: Amazon)

Helpers are on call to explain new features and answer queries using online scribbles and walk-throughs. They can also take actual control of the device to steer you in the right direction.

The new Kindle Fire tablets have launched just days before Apple is expected to reveal its new iPad Mini and iPad 5, and with the newly launched Nexus 7 - tablets are expected to be massive this Christmas.

But what else does the HDX offer?

Aside from online support and sharper screens, it features a Adreno 330 graphics engine, which delivers 4x the graphics performance of the original Kindle Fire HD. The HDX is both lighter and thinner than the previous generation of Amazon tablets, making it a great companion for commuters. The 8.9inch version weighs just 374g making it 34% lighter than its predecessor.

For those who enjoy reading on the train the HDX offers as much as 17 hours' battery life, while 11 hours can be expected for browsing the web and watching video.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 2landscape

(Credit: Amazon)

If you prefer to while away your commute watching and reading about movies, you'll love the X-Ray feature, which uses the IMDb movie database to offer instant trivia, character back stories and soundtrack information.

Amazon CEO Jekk Bezos said: "It's been just one year since we introduced Kindle Fire in the UK.  The team is innovating at an unbelievable speed, and we're excited to bring our new Kindle Fire HDX to the UK."

Both the Kindle Fire HDX and updated Kindle Fire HD are released in the coming weeks, but you can get more specs and pre-order yours here.