Vegas gadget show - A computer fan´s dream

06 Jan 2011


The second full day at CES 2011 has seen a number of corking computers and laptops come to the fore. Mobile computing is taking over. If any further proof of this was needed, look no further than this year's technology extravaganza. Want to hear about some of the latest laptops doing the rounds at CES 2011? Then check out our laptop round up for all you need to know about them and the latest mobile computer happenings direct from CES 2011.

3b. Motorola xoom.jpg

Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb tablet goes all official
The Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb tablet was announced today and it's one impressive looking piece of kit, running Android Honeycomb 3. Other features include a 10.1-inch 1280×800 touchscreen, 1GB of RAM and and a HDMI output for teleporting 1080p video to your flatscreen TV.

Samsung TX100 laptop has its own slide-out keyboard
A lot of laptops look the same, but not this one. The 10-inch screened Windows 7 packing Samsung TX100 has a keyboard you can slide out thanks to a sliding hinge. It doesn't even look gimmicky, it's one stylish laptop you'll want to be seen carrying.

Samsung ZX310: New MacBook Air rival?
The Samsung ZX310 is one of the best looking laptops we've ever seen. It's a 13.3-inch laptop crafted from Duralumin, which is commonly used to build aircraft. It has an LED backlit screen and a 100:000:1 contrast ratio and the capability to display 16 million colours for the best possible picture.

New Intel Core second-gen turbo laptops planned for 2011
More and more laptops are set to be more powerful this year. Intel announced that more than PC systems will be sporting its new Intel Core chips in 2011, more than 500, in fact. It doesn't sound like big news, but considering this will affect most laptops you're likely to buy this year it's massive, so keep a look out for those souped up laptops in 2011.