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Online shopping addict or serious gamer? Someone who often works from home or a creative designer? Find your perfect laptop.

Choosing a laptop

Choosing the right computer can be difficult. With all the complex specs and techy jargon, it’s sometimes hard to find out exactly which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve created 4 different stories (or categories) that every one of our computers fits into – to help you find the right device based on what you love doing and how you use a computer day to day. What’s your story? 



You’re a power user who always multitasks. You’ll stream Spotify and chat to friends at the same time as putting pivot tables in your spreadsheet. Always with 10 tabs open in Google. You may be a creative using Adobe Creative Suite or a number-cruncher pushing Excel to its very limits.

You need a laptop that can keep up, with enough power to smoothly run multiple apps and breeze through the most complex software.Achieve laptop

Things to focus on…

  • Powerful Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and 8GB RAM for complex software and multiple apps
  • SSD storage for a laptop that wakes up and goes to sleep in seconds, loads your apps and transfers files fast
  • Plenty of RAM to help your laptop do more things at once
  • Full HD screen for presentations, design projects and photos that look incredible
  • Magazine-thin design fashioned from a single piece of aluminium to look sharp and stay durable

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From Netflix and Spotify to your weekly food shop, lots of your life is handled online. But you sometimes work from home, so you need Office on your laptop. Plus you’ve got the family archives (iTunes and countless photo albums) hogging the hard drive. This laptop will largely live at home.


You don’t need top of the range specs, but you do need a solid mid-range laptop with a mix of traditional and new features.

Things to focus on…

  • Mid-range Intel Core i3 or AMD A9 processor and 4GB RAM for smooth everyday computing
  • Large 1 or 2TB hard drive to store the whole family’s music collections and photo albums
  • Basic design for bargain price – traditional plastic rather than aluminium and not ‘ultra-thin’
  • Large 14 or 15 inch screen and DVD drive for watching movies

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Whether chatting to friends, shopping, or watching box-sets, you’re always online. You long ago ditched your MP3s for Spotify and your DVDs for Netflix.Everyday laptop

You need a laptop designed to help you stay connected wherever you are. Don’t worry about powerful Intel Core processors and large hard drives – you won’t need the power or the space. 

Things to focus on… 

  • Thin and lightweight ‘fanless’ design – low-power processors don’t need fans to keep cool
  • Long battery life – less processing power means less battery drain 
  • Compatible with apps and cloud services Google/Google Play or App Store/iCloud or Windows/OneDrive) 
  • Low-powered processor like Intel Atom or Celeron or AMD E2 

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You’re a serious gamer looking to go beyond the capabilities of your console. You need a specialist gaming laptop with oodles of power and incredible graphics capabilities.Gaming laptop

Things to focus on…

  • Quad core Intel Core i5/i7 or AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 to get the best from the most demanding games
  • Dedicated graphics for detailed Full HD visuals – look at NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon RX 460
  • Enough RAM for games to run efficiently – 8GB minimum but 16GB recommended
  • Solid state drive (SSD) to load your games faster

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