Which blogging platform is right for you?

Looking to share your passion with the world? Blogging is a great way to get your thoughts, photos and videos out there, and connect with other likeminded people…

08 Jul 2016


From fashion and fitness moguls, to travel lovers and amateur photographers – you don’t have to look far to see the rise of the blogger.

The hub of any blog is a laptop. Think of it like a portable publishing studio, allowing regular people to become editors of their own site. 

There are loads of blogging platforms to choose from. So if you’re wondering where to get started, here’s how to find which is right for you.



In a nutshell: New to blogging? Set up a site and start posting straight away with this easy-to-use platform. 

Millions of people use Wordpress to run their sites, including many well-known bloggers.

If you’re just getting into blogging, start with a free wordpress.com account to test the water. That means your website will have a .wordpress.com URL – for example FashionBlog.wordpress.com.

When you’re ready, upgrade it with your own domain name (you’ll have to pay for this), so you’ll just have FashionBlog.com.

Building your website is quick and easy. Select a theme to decide the overall look and feel then customise it with different colour and font options.

Best Wordpress features

  • Your site is responsive – it’ll adapt the layout for readers on their mobile, tablet or laptop
  • Stats are simple – see how many people have visited your site and what articles they’ve viewed
  • Use tags to get your posts noticed or to search for other blogs
  • Away from your laptop? Schedule posts to upload at a time that suits you – add an automatic Twitter link too

Get started with Wordpress



In a nutshell: Create a site that looks as good as a luxury travel or fashion mag with this stylish platform

More than 1million people use Squarespace to create professional looking blogs and websites.

Squarespace themes all have a polished, minimalist design. That means you’ll get a professional looking blog – without having to pay for a designer.

You can still customise your site by adding a header and changing fonts and colours to get the right look.

Playing around with the layout is easy too. All your blog posts and photos are arranged in ‘blocks’ you can drag and drop to move. Like Wordpress, all templates are responsive for mobiles and tablets.

Best Squarespace features

  • Free custom domain when you sign up for an annual account and design your own logo for it
  • Start with a 14-day free trial to build your blog and see if you like it
  • Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can be integrated into your blog to help you spread your message and get noticed
  • See who’s reading your blog and how they got there by looking at your site’s analytics

Create your blog with Squarespace



In a nutshell: Platform built for sharing photos, videos and blog posts, and connecting with other bloggers

With a huge community of bloggers, Tumblr is all about interacting. Use it to create your own blog and follow other peoples’.

Choose from 7 different post types, from text and photos, to quotes, links and video.

Get your posts noticed by using hashtags. Once it’s published, other people will like it or Reblog it to their site. You can also Reblog the stuff you like and it’ll come up on your blog.

Best Tumblr features

  • Create really visual sites that are dedicated to photos
  • See what’s trending with the Search and Explore tools
  • Keep up with other bloggers – posts from everyone you follow will come up on your dashboard
  • Share posts on your Facebook and Twitter account as well

The only downside is there aren’t as many customisation options for your blog, so you’ll have less control over how it looks.

If you just want a way to share photos and posts though, this is the platform for you.

Check out Tumblr



In a nutshell: Build your blog and maintain it with zero coding knowledge required

Weebly’s website builder is incredibly easy to use. With it, you can have your blog up and running in minutes.

Start with your theme then add ‘Elements’ like the title, text and images by dragging and dropping them. When you’re happy with the layout, customise your blog with different colour palettes.

Best Weebly features

  • Google friendly – your blog is easy to find with search engine optimisation
  • Social buttons for Facebook and suchlike are built-in to your blog - if someone likes it, it’s easy to share
  • Add your Twitter and Instagram account and set it to automatically share a link to your latest post
  • Smartphone-savvy – create a custom site for mobiles and tablets with the Mobile Web Design builder

Build your site with Weebly

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