6 great features from the Windows 10 update

See the most exciting changes in the latest Windows 10 update - from better Bluetooth pairing to a long-awaited new app management system...

10 May 2018



Here are the key features to look out for…

Windows 10 Update

1. Timeline

We’ll kick things off with the biggest introduction – Timeline. Replacing the familiar Task View button, Timeline not only lets you see what apps are currently running, but it also handily remembers which apps and activities you’ve used in the past 30 days.

And if you’ve got more than one machine running Windows 10, the activities and apps will sync across all of them – so you can seamlessly continue the same activity on your laptop that you started earlier on your desktop PC.

You can now even combine Timeline and Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android. That means you’ll get access to your smartphone browser history on your PC – making everything you’ve looked at easily accessible.

Worried about your privacy? Don’t worry - this feature can be disabled by default, and you can stop logging activity history yourself, whenever you like.


2. Nearby Sharing

Sharing websites, documents or files with your Windows 10 inner circle has never been easier. Connect to Bluetooth and you can share whatever you like with nearby devices – much quicker than sending the file by email.

Nearby sharing is disabled by default so you’ll need to enable it in your settings. You can also just set it to only receive files from your own devices or others close by.

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Mute tabs

3. Quick Bluetooth pairing

It’s now a lot easier to pair your Bluetooth devices with Microsoft. Now, a notification will pop up, letting you quickly find a Bluetooth device and pair it in an instant.

Microsoft already supports its own Surface Precision Mouse, but it’s also working with other companies (including Logitech) to make sure all accessories pair in a flash.


4. Dictation shortcut

Windows isn’t a stranger to dictation tools, but now Microsoft has created a speedy way to access the new built-in Windows 10 version.

You can launch dictation by simply pressing the windows key + H on your keyboard. Then start chatting away and let Windows go to work.

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Nearby sharing

5. Mute tabs in Microsoft Edge

Don’t you just hate it when you open a website and loud music blares from your speaker? Microsoft feels your pain - you can now mute those loud and annoying websites with Edge.

Aside from this, Edge’s performance has been given an overall update – offering a smoother performance and sleeker design.


6. Audio channels to suit you

We’ve also got some great new audio features. You can now set the input or output devices per application.

Play audio from one channel through your speakers and another channel through headphones - perfect if your study buddy has a different music taste, or if you fancy running your own personal recording studio.


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