Microsoft launches Windows 10

Windows 10 has landed on laptops and PCs, tablets and phones - bringing back the Start menu, launching a digital assistant and heaps more…

Windows 10 Store

People across the world are finally getting their hands on Windows 10 – a new operating system designed for both touchscreen and keyboard and mouse.

Brits stayed awake into the wee small hours as Microsoft began rolling out the operating system early on Wednesday morning.

The release of the eagerly-awaited OS is being staggered. People who had registered for Win10 before its launch were able to get the update first.

Windows 10 Action Centre (1)

One Windows for your laptop, tablet and phone

It’s designed to work across your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and even Xbox One. The idea is you have one operating system for all of your devices. Whether you’re tapping on a keyboard or swiping across a screen.

A new web browser was launched too. Edge replaces the era-defining Internet Explorer, which has been used since the early days of the web.

With Edge, you can annotate web pages with notes and then save as files. There are many other cool features too.

The much-missed Start menu – which was absent from Windows 8 – makes a comeback in Windows 10. Once again users can find the familiar menu of programs in the bottom left of the screen.

Beside it sit ‘live tiles’, with apps that display live information such as the weather and social media updates. You can select them to launch the app too.

Windows 10 also helps to keep you organised. The Cortana digital assistant can help you search your computer for a lost document, get your next appointment details, and search the web. All from spoken-word requests.  

Windows 10 Hello Screen

How to get Windows 10

You can upgrade your computer to Windows 10 for free if you’re already using Windows 7 or 8. This offer expires in July 2016.

If you didn’t reserve an upgrade before the launch you’ll start seeing messages notifying you that it’s time to upgrade. You can then arrange a convenient time. 

Upgrading a new computer to Windows 10 is easy too.

Not eligible for the free update? The Home version of Windows 10 launches at the end of the month.

How to upgrade to Windows 10

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