Windows 10 tips for creatives, travellers and fitness fans

Fashion designers and photographers will find much to like about Windows 10. While it can also help you understand your health – and it’s a super travel companion for anyone with wanderlust…

09 Aug 2016


Are you a keen traveller? Or a budding photographer? Maybe you’re getting to grips with a new fitness regime? Whatever your passion outside of work, Windows 10 can help you get more from it.

Windows 10

1. Travel

Who doesn’t love to travel? Whether you’re a student planning your first gap year or a seasoned city-breaker working your way across Europe, a 2 in 1 laptop running Windows 10 makes the perfect travel companion.

2 in 1s switch between laptop and tablet modes, with screens that rotate back on themselves or that can be completely removed. They work with a keyboard or with touchscreen controls which makes them incredibly versatile for life on the road.

On your trip

  • Plan your itinerary over breakfast with the TripAdvisor app and your 2 in 1 in tablet mode. On rainy days use the Netflix app to binge on box-sets
  • Stay up-to date with social media updates with Live Tiles – apps that display latest info without being opened
  • Set location-based reminders on your laptop for things you want to see and get alerts on your Android or iPhone when you’re nearby with Cortana digital assistant
  • Keep the photos documenting your trip organised with the Windows 10 Photos App which sorts pics by date and location
  • Enjoy your holiday read on your tablet by downloading the Kindle app – look at devices with high resolution screens for clearer text      
  • Forget about passwords. With Windows Hello you can log in to your laptop, tablet and even select apps and websites with a tap – provided your device has a fingerprint reader


Inspire your next trip

  • With the Edge web browser you can write notes directly onto webpages, save and send to a friend as a PDF- think ‘me and you here next year’
  • Build Pinterest boards of places you want to go with the new Pin It Button extension for Edge – coming in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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2. Fashion and Photography

From selling your own designs on Etsy to making the step up from smartphone to serious photography, many of us fill our spare time getting creative.

Powerful Windows 10 laptops and 2 in 1s make great portable design studios and portfolios for photographers and designers as well as being excellent research tools to keep you inspired.

Get creative

  • Subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud apps for Photoshop and Illustrator on your Windows 10 laptop to transform it into a powerful design studio. Adobe and Microsoft ‘worked closely’ to make sure Windows 10 is compatible with Creative Cloud
  • Draw and sketch on-screen with Windows Ink and digital stylus – Adobe Illustrator is optimised for it. If you don’t have Adobe you can doodle in the sketchpad in the Windows Ink workspace. (Your Windows 10 device must have a touchscreen)
  • No Photoshop? Do basic photo editing and enhancement in the Windows 10 Photos App such as adding filters, fixing red-eye and retouching blemishes
  • Use your tablet as a virtual portfolio to showcase work at interviews in a PowerPoint presentation


Be inspired

  • Create mood boards using Pinterest with the new Pin It Button extension
  • Scribble notes directly onto webpages and send to friends and colleagues – perfect for sharing designs or photography that have inspired you
  • Read in-depth articles online without distraction with reading view which strips everything but the article from the page – no ads, suggested reads or banners

Designers and photographers need laptops with powerful processors and plenty of memory.

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Fashion design

3. Fitness

When you’re trying to get fit it can be hard to stay motivated. Results of working out or running can take a long time to show – and it’s difficult to know how to do certain exercises and routines properly.

Your Windows 10 laptop or 2 in 1 is on hand to help.

Working out

  • Get easy access to workout videos on a touchscreen Windows 10 device with the YouTube app
  • Try out fitness apps like Daily Workouts for video tutorials on crunches, sit-ups and push ups
  • Some 2 in 1 laptops have a tent mode whereby they can sit upright on a table – perfect for viewing workout videos


Windows Health

Get the Windows Health app on your smartphone and Windows 10 laptop or tablet to: 

  • Sync with a fitness tracker like a Microsoft Band 2 to see how many steps you have taken or distance you have covered
  • View your data charts to show your improvement over time
  • Set yourself goals or set social challenges with friends who have Microsoft Band
  • Ask your phone or Windows 10 laptop ‘how many steps did I take yesterday?’ with your voice thanks to Cortana digital assistant

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What about Fitbit? Fitbit wearers can get the Fitbit app for Windows 10 to make sense of their latest exercise data.


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