10 apps that will change your student life

The best apps for helping you to take notes, save money, learn how to cook, revise for exams, boost your fitness and spell

02 Jul 2014


Back to study in September? Taking your smartphone and tablet?

We've tracked down the best apps for helping you to take notes, save money, learn how to cook, revise for exams, boost your fitness and spell.

Yep, spell.

Check out our list of 10 apps that will change your student life.


1) Evernote

Lecture Notes


Worried about your illegible handwriting when taking notes in lessons? With the Evernote app and a wireless keyboard cover you can turn your tablet into a lecture-hall laptop.

What's more, everything you do on the tablet app syncs to your laptop and other devices running Evernote.

Also great for shopping and to-do lists - when you amend on one device it shows up across them all.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free


2) Moneybook

Money - or the lack of it - can be as big a stress as exams for the average student. With the Moneybook app you can keep on top of your finances from your phone.

Work out whether you're spending more than you have coming in at a glance. Look at your transactions one by one. Export your accounts to a spreadsheet to examine in closer detail.

It's nice and simple too thanks to its user interface.

What for: Android, iOS

How much: £1.99


3) Meter Reading

Utility Bills


A hefty bill landing on the doormat can create serious conflict in a shared student house.

Best friends will scream at each other about the number of baths they have had, the guy downstairs will be accused of having a secret fan heater in his room. Questions will be raised about the cost impact of cooking a roast chicken.

Avoid such un-pleasantries with the Meter Reading app. This handy tool for monitoring energy consumption lets you see how much you're spending each week. 

What for: iOS, Android

How much: £1.49

4) Vouchercloud

Ever out-and-about with friends when you decide on the spur of the moment to have food? With the Vouchercloud app you can enjoy such spontaneity while also bagging a bargain.

The app uses your phone's GPS to work out the best nearby offers. Vouchers are then downloaded to your phone.

As well as food also expect deals on beauty treatments and hotel stays.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free

5) Dictionary.com

Ever encounter a word you don't understand when trying to revise? Digging out a dictionary or booting up your laptop can be a pain.
With the Dictionary.com app you can look it up in a few seconds from your smartphone.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free


6) Jamie's Recipes

Student Cooking


Jamie Oliver has built a food empire on his fuss-free but stupendously tasty grub. Learn from him and become your student flat's celeb-chef-in-residence with the Jamie's Recipes app.

Run the app on your iPad while cooking in the kitchen for walk-throughs of tried-and-tested Jamie recipes - with everything from a list of required ingredients and kit to a step-by-step prep guide.

Also check out general cooking tips and advice on money-saving meals.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free

7) MyFitnessPal

Student life isn't always conducive to healthy living - late nights, alcohol and fast food can soon take their toll. However, with this app you can at least keep track of what you're eating.

You give the app your vital statistics and let it know whether you want to lose, maintain or gain weight - it'll then give you a daily calorie target.

It'll tell you how many calories you've consumed over a day, and break it down into carbs, fat and protein. Just type in what you eat as you eat it.

To get the full benefits hook up to a fitness tracker such as the Jawbone Up 24.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free


8) Revision App

Revision Books


Revising for exams can be a drag. Scrawled handwritten notes and hundreds of revision cards littered across your room. Streamline the process with Revision App.
It gives you access to more than 1 million revision notes and flash cards, enabling you to revise at home without any mess, or even on the train or bus. 

Also expect learning quizzes and animated teacher videos.

The founder of Revision App, Jermaine Hagan, was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the app.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free 

9) Twitter

With Twitter on your smartphone you'll be the one in the know. Keep tabs on your favourite A-listers for celeb gossip, follow the trending topics to stay across the news and LOL at the latest memes.

Of course, you can also build up your own following by becoming a regular tweeter yourself - following in the footsteps of UK Twitter stars Caitlin Moran and Stephen Fry.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free

10) Dragon Dictation

Want to quickly take down a note for something but don't have a pen and can't be bothered fumbling your way through a text?
With the Dragon Dictation app you can speak into your phone and it will transform your words into typed text.

The apps transforms your phone into a writing tool that allows you to give your much-used thumbs a rest.

What for: iOS, Android

How much: Free

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