10 last-minute Christmas gifts to keep the whole family happy

A quick-fix guide for the last-minute Christmas shopper…

keep the whole family happy

Perhaps you’re scrambling to come up with gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas and are looking for inspiration…

Look no further! We've taken a ton of gifts and paired them to people's interests, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for and receive a get-out-of-jail-free card on December 25th.

Find the perfect gift for someone who…


Needs a quick caffeine hit to get going in the morning

Do you love fresh coffee in the morning but have limited counter-top space? The awesome new Nespresso Magimix Essenza is a mini-coffee machine that squeezes fantastic speedy brewing into a compact form.

magimix essenza

Your own personal barista, you can simply pop in a capsule and hit the button for the perfect coffee that doesn’t skimp on the velvety crema. If lattes are your thing, press the Aeroccino button to activate all the milk frothing you desire.

Get the Nespresso Magimix Essenza Mini Coffee Machine with Aeroccino


Likes to top-up throughout the day

Try the StylPro Expert Makeup Brush Cleaner to clean and dry your brushes in under 30 seconds. 

stylpro brush

No longer will you have to waste time scrubbing over the sink - its dual speed function means you can clean up to 8 brushes at once. It's also compatible for both natural and synthetic brush hairs, so you can get them all cleaned at once.

Get the Stylpro Expert Makeup Brush Cleaner


Wants to “lose themselves in the music” on a busy commute

Slip on the compact Beats X Wireless Bluetooth Headphones that automatically connect to your Apple devices.

beats x

Listen uninterrupted with the reliable connection and immersive natural sound. When you reach the office, the comfortable earbuds coil away quickly - no-tangle - to fit easily into your pocket until your return journey.

With an eight-hour battery life, the headphones are readily available throughout the day.

Forgot to charge overnight? A five-minute charge as you grab a coffee and quick breakfast to go and you’ll have two hours of music to commute in and out to.

Get the Beats X Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 


Loves to make healthy food for the family

Squeeze the fruit and veg of your choosing into the Nutribullet Blender Rx NBLRX – extracting all the goodness into yummy smoothies and soups. 


The Nutribullet is a blender aficionado, using smart technology to adjust power and create the perfect blend.

In only seven minutes the SouperBlast mode will create a perfectly smooth and piping hot soup – that’s lunch sorted!

With a great recipe book and multiple cup sizes, you can find the soups and blends that are just right for each member of the family. 

Get the Nutribullet Blender Rx NBLRX in black

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Thrives off encouragement

With reminders to keep you going, the FitBit Alta is a customisable fitness tracker that keeps tabs on steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes.

fitbit alta

As all great motivators do, the FitBit helps you set targets and congratulates you when you reach your goals with a celebratory message.

The FitBit Alta automatically senses when you start a work out, so there are no distractions before you get going – just encouragement.

Syncing automatically and wirelessly to your computer and smartphone, you can check your progress on the FitBit app and take advantage of the free FitBit tools that help you set your goals.

It tracks your sleep patterns and sends updates with smartphone notifications, so this FitBit really has got your back. And it comes in a funky plum colour.

Try the FitBit Alta


Finds the most fun in getting creative

The possibilities are endless with the Polaroid Play 3D pen that enables you to create 3D models.

polaroid pen

The world really is your oyster as you hold the pen and create models freehand – you could even make a model oyster, maybe to hold a bar of soap in your bathroom? 

The pen has four speeds for working on precise detailing and both manual and automatic extraction settings.

You can stencil designs from images on a screen or copy templates for assembly into a 3D model. 

And while you’re having fun, you don’t have to worry about plastic pollution as the plastic filament material is completely bio-compostable.

Get the Polaroid Play 3D Pen


Thinks robots are the best and has a Star Wars obsession

The lovable droid companion R2D2 from Star Wars can be in the loving hands of a friend or family member this Christmas.

rd2d sphero

Send him off exploring on his own or give him commands through your mobile devices – how cool would it be to have R2D2 patrolling your home?

You don’t just get the authentic robotic exterior with R2D2, but that winning personality too! Your personal robot’s character will develop as it spends more time with you and gets excited when you wake him up or deliver voice commands.

And obviously there’s the holographic simulation. Roam the Star Wars universe, connect it with other Star Wars droids such as the Sphero BB-8, or even sit down together to watch the series.

Buy the Sphero R2D2


Feels inspired to bake but needs the proper tools

The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer is an iconic kitchen gadget that no baker wants to be without. It has stood the test of time with its durable and stylish design.

kitchenaid stand mixer 

Mix, whisk, beat and knead your creations effortlessly and you’ll feel elated at the speed in which your culinary creations take form.

With an easy click, lift back the mixer’s head to move the bowl or change the attachment. Then when you’re done, plonk the accessories in the dishwasher – saving you from a sink full at the end of a baking session.

Get the KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

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Likes to relax and be entertained with their favourite TV shows

Stream Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer, ITV player and more, all straight to your TV with the Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa Remote.

amazon fire alexa remote stick

Plug the stick into any HDTV, connect to Wi-Fi and - here comes the tricky part - decide what to watch from the thousands of TV shows and movies on Amazon.

If you download the apps, you’ll also have Netflix, iPlayer and YouTube all ready to boot up when you call “Alexa” to activate the voice remote. Search for the specific movie, or perhaps just the genre, fast forward and rewind, all without touching a button.

With new Alexa services being added you can even order a takeaway to enjoy while you sit back and relax.

Try the Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa Remote


Parties all night and doesn’t want the music to stop

The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is a slim, light device designed for you to take wherever you need to party.

ultimate ears boom 2

It’s durable, waterproof, dirt-resistant and shock-proof – so why not take it to a festival or the beach?

More than party-proof, the 360° speaker of the Boom 2 will bring the roof down wherever you place it. You can even increase the power, by connecting with another Boom 2 for double the trouble.

But can you keep going for its 15 hours of battery life?

Get the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 speakers here


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