5 gadgets for summer fun with the kids

Are you fresh out of fun ideas for the summer holidays? Check out these great tech ideas that’ll keep the kids amused all summer long.

04 Aug 2016


Short attention spans and long journeys could put a strain on the summer holidays – try out some family-friendly tech that’ll keep the little ones entertained throughout the break.

Family living room

1. Need a new project? Get into photography with a compact camera

If your kids love taking selfies and are always taking snaps on their smartphones, why not upgrade to a compact camera? They’ll have hours of creative fun capturing their surroundings whether they're at home or on a day out.

You could even set them up on a photo scavenger hunt. Give them a list of 10 things to photograph and look over their images together at the end of the day. It might just be the start of a new hobby.

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2. Nothing on TV? Stream your favourite movies with Chromecast

If you haven’t discovered Google’s Chromecast, you don’t know what you’re missing. It lets you stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other online services on your TV using your phone or tablet as a remote. You simply plug it into the HDMI port on the back of your telly.

There are loads of games you can play with a Chromecast too. Family favourites like Trivial Pursuit, Wheel of Fortune, Connect 4, and many more are available to download from Google Play – your phone doubles as the controller.

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3. Long car journey? Crack the boredom with an iPad mini

Heading out on the road for a holiday? Take the dread out of car journeys by saving your favourite movies and TV shows on your iPad mini so you can watch them on the go.

With over 85,000 films and over 300,000 TV programmes you’re sure to beat the boredom of tailbacks, one episode at a time.

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Family car journey

4. Budding bakers? Have more fun in the kitchen

Nothing beats boredom like a spot of baking. With a beautiful mixer on your countertop, your kids can have tremendous fun whipping up spectacular bakes.

Do they love experimenting with colours? Go nuts and try your hand at a rainbow celebration cake. Make a large batch of ordinary sponge, then mix equal amounts with different colourings. Bake and assemble with bright white icing for a show-stopping effect.

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5. Soundtracking a sleepover? Get a Bluetooth speaker

Hosting a summer sleepover? A small but powerful Bluetooth speaker can play your favourite tunes from your smartphone and tablet - you can even play YouTube clips and music videos on it too.

And while the sound is better than a tablet’s internal speakers, you won’t have to worry about waking up the neighbours because the music is too loud.

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