5 pieces of tech to boost your productivity

Keen to up your productivity and maximise your downtime? Find out which piece of tech will most help you out…

18 Oct 2017


Perhaps you love being on top of things? Or maybe you’d benefit from a little help organising your schedule?

Cast your eye over the latest tech designed to boost your productivity – you’re bound to find something that’ll save you time, time better spent having fun!


  1. Apple Watch Series 3 cellular

For: The guy or girl who’s always on the go, whether that’s work or working out, you want to stay connected

Apple Watch series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 cellular is an office that operates from your wrist. You can check your schedule or arrange a meeting with Siri with just a few words.

But it’s not just about keeping on top of work; the new Apple Watch is designed to optimise every aspect of your day – from the office to the gym. You can:

  • Stay connected without your smartphone – make calls and send texts with your watch
  • Keep on top of just about anything – Siri now responds with directions, weather forecasts or even a sports update
  • Monitor your health and fitness – with built-in GPS, altimeter and a heart rate monitor, you can track how far - and high - you go
  • Keep motivated even on a manic day with activity rings to remind you to move - with personal trainer-esque encouragements

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  1. Lenovo Yoga 520 Touchscreen

For: The remote worker who needs top-notch tech for both work and play

Lenovo yoga 520 touchscreen

Get fast and portable computing on the Lenovo Yoga 520 Touchscreen. This 2-in-1 laptop is made for you to work at your best, with a powerful processor that will speed up your daily tasks.

Plus, the fingerprint reader means everything you do is secure, from logging in to shopping online. Forgot your charger? The 9.5 hours battery life keeps up with your working day.

At the end of a busy day, wind down by watching films and surfing the web in vivid detail on the full HD display.

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  1. Goji Portable Power Bank

For: The remote worker and traveller who needs constant access to their laptop and smartphone

goji portable power bank

Don’t stress about where to plug in when you travel – you can work from anywhere with this Portable Power Bank.

Not only can you charge two devices at once, you can also get up to three full charges for your essential devices. Plus, it’s compact and lightweight – the perfect travel companion.

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  1. Ring Video doorbell 2

For: The person who’s in and out during the day but doesn’t like to miss a delivery

Ring video doorbell 2ring video doorbell

Don’t stick around all day waiting for parcels to arrive – you can see when the post arrives and ask to leave the package with the neighbours – all through the RING Video doorbell. With the inbuilt Full HD video, audio and microphone you won’t miss out on what’s going on at your front door.

While you’re out running errands or just sorting through paperwork upstairs – motion detectors send an alert to your smartphone device and record high quality video on your doorstep.

Don’t be afraid of answering the door at night, with infrared LEDs you can see who’s calling after dark.

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  1. Amazon Echo

For: The busy bee who needs quick responses and prefers life to be made easy

Amazon Echoamazon echoamazon echo

If you want to stay on top of things, you can organise your day with ease thanks to the Amazon Echo.

Hands-free voice control in your home allows you to do whatever you want:

  • book appointments
  • ask Alexa a question
  • answer phone calls
  • dim the lights
  • turn up the thermostat
  • text and talk hands-free

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