5 ways smart tech will revolutionise our homes

22 Apr 2016


Imagine having your own robot butler that did all your household chores. Or being able to lock your front door with a simple tap on your smartphone. Well, the Jetsons-style home of the future isn’t as far off as we think.

The revolution in smart technology means everything, from your windows to your coffee pot, could soon be connected to the web and controlled from your mobile device. So how will our homes change in the years ahead and will we really have robot chefs? We chatted to Matt Davis, Senior Vice President of Research at SCM World, and Tom Guy, Product & Commerical Director at Hive, to find out how smart tech will make household tasks a breeze by 2025.    

  1. Smart devices will make everything more convenient

Smart Homes

Over the next ten years, a whole host of daily tasks will become automated. So, instead of having a morning alarm, your bedroom lights could gradually wake you up. You might have remote door locks that you can control from your mobile device so you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. You’ll also be able to do cool stuff like start the coffee pot from your bed. In short, the possibilities for making your life easier are endless.


  1. Smart gadgets will make decisions for us

Connected Kitchen

Once these smart devices analyse all our data, they’ll be able to work out our preferences and even make decisions for us. Today, manual intervention is still needed to run your smart home, but in 10 to 20 years’ time we could have fully autonomous homes.


  1. Connected healthcare will be everywhere

Connected Homes

We’ve all heard of fitness trackers that help you stay healthy and active. But there are lots more exciting healthcare devices that will soon be taking over our homes. Connected toilets have already hit the market, and could er, be monitoring your flow sooner than you think. New products also include sensors that can be embedded below a carpet. If your elderly aunt or grandparent has a fall, it’ll detect it immediately and call an ambulance for help.


  1. Robots will help us with routine tasks

Robot Butler

The jury’s still out on how soon we’ll have a Rosie (the Jetson’s robot maid) hoovering our carpets and cooking us a fry-up. But one thing is sure, robots will help us with more routine household tasks. The robots of tomorrow are best suited to binary tasks which involve a yes, no or repetitive decision like sweeping the floor or making you a pre-programmed meal. So, if you’re tired of nagging your flatmates to do their share of the chores, home robots could be the answer to your prayers.   


  1. Household robots may change how we interact with people

Uncanny Valley

The looming rise in household robotics raises some interesting questions. How do we treat these robots and will our over-reliance on them affect our ability to empathise? If you’ve seen the video of Google confusing and bullying a robot, you’ll be aware it’s a tricky moral dilemma. So will robots in the home impact how we treat each other? At the moment, it’s too early to tell.


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