6 amazing gifts for him

Want to show your love for the special man in your life? Whether he’s a fitness fanatic or a Jedi hero, we’ve got the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day…


6 amazing gifts for him

1. Amazon Echo Show

Who to buy for? The music-loving home tech addict who likes to talk.

Amazon Echo Show

His favourite voice-controlled assistant now has a touchscreen and a powerful Dolby speaker for crisp, room-filling sound. Alexa can not only tell you everything you need to know but show you as well.

Whether they want to know the weather forecast, watch the news or check out the lyrics to their favourite song, all they need to do is ask Alexa.

They’ll love being able to…

  • Video call the kids if they’re away from home
  • Link their calendar to Alexa to display their appointments for the day
  • Sing along to their favourite songs with lyrics provided by Amazon Music
  • Catch up on the latest episode of The Grand Tour
  • Check who’s at the front door, with a connected home security camera.

With a range of compatible smart devices available including light bulbs, automated door locks, baby monitors and music systems, the Echo Show is the home system to rule them all.

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2. Fitbit Charge 2

Who to buy for? The fitness fanatic who likes to stay connected and on style

Fitbit Charge 2

The perfect all-in-one device for the man who wants a fitness tracker that logs his workouts, is smart enough for the office and never lets him miss a call.

With different coloured wristbands and a customisable clock face, there’s options to suit every taste and style.

They’ll want to strap on the Fitbit Charge 2 to…

  • Use the PurePulse heart rate monitor to maximise training sessions
  • Get real-time run stats including pace and distance when linked to his smartphone’s GPS
  • Stay connected at all times with smartphone alerts for calls, texts and appointments
  • Monitor fitness levels over time using the Cardio Fitness Score
  • Stay calm and relaxed with guided breathing sessions

Get the Fitbit Charge 2


3. Xbox One X

Who to buy for? The avid gamer who wants the most powerful games console on the market

Xbox One X

Xbox is one of the major gaming consoles and if the man in your life has ever owned an older version, he’s bound to be drooling after the faster, more powerful and realistic experience of the latest model.

The new Xbox boasts the most detailed graphics of any gaming console with super swift loading times and 40% more power than any other console.

The vapour chamber cooling system means this most powerful of Xbox engines is packed into a remarkably small package.

He’ll love… 

  • Losing himself in a world of smooth, life-like animations with 4K imaging and spatial audio
  • The quick loading times and smooth gameplay
  • Experience bigger and more detailed environments with the huge memory and power capabilities
  • The advanced multiplayer network – dedicated servers maximise performance to ensure stability, speed and reliability of combat with players from across the world
  • Efficient and quiet performance – high-grade liquid cooling keeps the console running smoothly
  • Streaming 4K videos from Netflix or Amazon

Get the Xbox One X


4. GoPro HERO6 4K

Who to buy for? Outdoor adventurers who likes to see things from a different perspective


The GoPro HERO6 is built for adventure. With a rugged, waterproof design, it’ll attach to bike handlebars, helmets, skateboards, surfboards and diving masks. And it’s not afraid of a bit of mud.

Your outdoor hero can film his mountain run, gripping rock climb or surfing escapades from his perspective with smooth, blur-free footage.

The GoPro HERO6 brings some very cool new features to the flagship GoPro camera. He’ll use it to:

  • Film underwater to a depth of 10 metres
  • Control the “Action!” by using his voice to start and stop recording
  • Quickly transfer and edit the raw footage using the built-in WiFi
  • Transform raw footage into a stunning edited video with the QuickStories app
  • Shoot smooth, high quality footage in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second – perfect for those bumpy mountain bike runs

Get the GoPro HERO6


5. Lenovo Star Wars AR Headset

Who to buy for? The Star Wars fanatic who dreams of becoming a Jedi

Lenovo Star Wars

Serious Star Wars fans want a realistic Jedi experience, in fact, who doesn’t want to wield a lightsaber?

Your budding Jedi will love the thrill of picking up the lightsabre-controller and pulling down the headset’s visor to be transported to a galaxy far, far away...to face their destiny through a range of exciting apps all operated through a smartphone.

They’ll battle to save the day by…

  • Wielding a lightsabre in familiar Star Wars’ duels against the dark side
  • Leading rebel forces in huge ground battles against the Galactic Empire
  • Conquering territories in intense matches of Holochess on the deck of the Millennium Falcon

Get the Lenovo Star Wars AR Headset


For an alternative in virtual reality gaming, the Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset & Controllers combines the world around you with virtual elements to give a mixed reality experience. Or you can choose to jump into a completely virtual world.

Lenovo Mixed Reality

The visor gives 360° viewing of a world where you can interact with items, pick up weapons and navigate with wireless control sticks that provide accurate feedback.

Get the Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset & Controllers


6. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Who to buy for? The fashionable guy with hair that he likes to keep in peak condition

Dyson Supersonic

If you have a man in your life who likes to keep his hairstyle on point, why not get them this hairdryer as the perfect grooming gift?

This hairdryer has no equal. It takes the faff out of hair-drying with impressive technology. For example, Air Multiplier technology pumps out an air volume of 41 litres per second, driven by the tiny, yet powerful, digital motor hidden discreetly inside the hairdryer handle.

All this means he can spend less time drying those shiny tresses.

The Supersonic also…

  • Protects hair from heat damage by measuring air temperature 20 times per second
  • Performs quieter with acoustic tuning that reduces vibration
  • Smooths and styles simultaneously so that he never has a bad hair day

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