6 gifts she really wants this year

Struggling for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the lady in your life? These six options will have her head over heels.

04 Feb 2019


1. The music lover

Do you find her dancing around the kitchen to her favourite tunes? Or maybe she struggles with a tangled mass of headphone cables every morning? A pair of wireless headphones could be the way to her heart.

The music lover - wireless bluetooth headphones

They come in a wide range of styles and colours, so whether she’s a fashionista looking to accessorise or an audiophile wanting more from their headphones, you’ll find a pair that suits her. Just think how long you’ll be in her good books when she thinks of you every time she uses them.

Get her a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones


2. The caffeine aficionado

The caffeine aficionado - a coffee machine

If she needs that caffeine kick first thing in the morning, or if she just loves those fancy frappuccinos, a coffee machine could be the heart-warming gift you’ve been looking for.

Get one with a milk frother if she’s captivated by cappuccinos, or a smart one that she can control with her phone if she hates waiting for the kettle. She’ll appreciate that extra time in the morning, and she’ll be able to recreate her favourite blends anytime she wants.

Find a coffee machine for her


3. The scrap-booker

The scrap-booker - an instant camera

When she’s great at making the house a home, give her a way to do it at a moment’s notice. Whether she just likes to flick through old family photo albums, or she’s intent on scrapbooking every memory, put the pictures in her hands instantly with an instant camera.

Nomore queuing to get prints from a memory card or losing photos that didn’t back up, she’ll get immediate souvenirs to keep and show off.

Snap up an instant camera for her


4. The adventurer

The adventurer - digital compact camera

If she likes to capture every moment on her travels, but is using up all the storage on her phone, give her that space back and get rid of the hassle with a digital compact camera.

Capable of creating images in stunning quality without lugging professional camera equipment around, it could quickly become her new favourite accessory.

She’ll never have to worry about her phone battery running out again - she can snap as many photos and videos as she likes. Lots of them are Wi-Fi enabled too, so that everything is backed up straight away - no more lost memories.

Give her a digital compact camera for this Valentine's Day


5. The creative

The creative - a tablet

If she fancies herself as a budding artist and wants a fresh, modern way to create her portraits, she might appreciate the digital canvas of a tablet.

With a much bigger screen and larger storage space than a smartphone, she’ll be able to create endless artworks using a huge range original tools, without constantly fumbling over a small device or dealing the mess and kit expenses of a real-life studio. Start with drawing apps like Pixelmator and Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

Tablets are also perfect multitaskers, so she can follow tutorials on YouTube or video call friends for feedback during her session.

Find the right tablet for her


6. The style guru

The style guru - Health & Wellbeing

Let the woman in your life take it fashion-forward with the latest in high-tech health & beauty gadgets.

A super speedy makeup brush cleaner could be the thing that solves her nightmares, or the best in hair-styling tech can completely change the night out routine. We’ve got a range of gifts to make her feel energised and ready for the day.

Have a look at our Health and Wellbeing range


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