6 ideas for rainy days

Autumn weather is rarely predictable, but we’ve got the indoor entertainment sorted for rainy days…

29 Aug 2018


Nebula Smart Projector

When it’s bucketing it down outside, the best thing to do is shut out the world and wait for the sun to reappear.

Whether you need to keep the kids entertained or just keep yourself occupied for the next few hours, we’ve got all the tech you need for spending a rainy day indoors.


1. Get creative with your laptop

A wet day is a good excuse to get your creative juices flowing. A 2-in-1 laptop gives you the best of both worlds. Use it in laptop mode to start writing that novel you’ve always had inside you or flip it to tablet mode to design and edit your projects.

HP Spectre x360

With the super-slim HP Spectre x360 you can handle Adobe design projects smoothly thanks to the powerful Intel Core i7 processor. Use the included stylus to jot down notes and make digital sketches on-screen.

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Dell Inspiron

Alternatively, the Dell Inspiron’s 15.6” screen is perfect for editing photos of your family gatherings and updating your blog.

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2. Curl up with an e-book

Gloomy days are perfect for curling up on the sofa with a mug of tea, a packet of custard creams and a great book.

Kindle paperwhite

With the Kindle Paperwhite, you can access millions of Kindle e-books and magazines. Its anti-glare screen and adjustable font sizing means it won’t strain your eyes, whether you’re setting off for some winter sun or in bed while your partner’s asleep.

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3. Binge on movies or a boxset

Settle back for a marathon TV session to make the time fly. Streaming is a piece of cake with the Amazon Fire TV stick. Simply plug it into the back of your telly and you’ll be watching Netflix in no time.

Binge on movies or a boxset

Binge on an entire season of The Crown or organise your own film festival, with a mix of old classics (Singin’ in the Rain might be appropriate given the weather) and modern blockbusters such as Justice League to keep the whole family happy.

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If you don’t feel like venturing out to the cinema, you can still enjoy the big-screen experience at home with the Nebula Capsule.

Nebula Portable Smart Projector

This can-sized device projects vivid images of up to 100 inches onto a wall or screen. Pair it with your Fire TV stick, draw the curtains and rustle up some popcorn to create a cinema experience at home.

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4. Keep the kids entertained

Kids moaning about being bored? Distract them from the bad weather with the Sphero Mini, a neat little gyroscopic robot ball that comes in a range of bright colours.

Sphero Mini

One of our faves is Sphero Mini, a neat little gyroscopic robot ball that comes in a range of bright colours. You can drive it either through the Sphero Mini app or – perhaps more impressively – your own facial expressions.

There’s even an educational benefit as your kids can learn to program the Sphero to carry out more impressive manoeuvres using JavaScript. You won’t hear a peep out of them for hours.

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5. Play classic console games

Whether at home or holed up in a caravan, a portable games console is perfect for transporting you to a world where it's always summer.

Nintendo Switch

The 2-in-1 Nintendo Switch is a home games console that transforms into a handheld device for travelling. Joy-Con controllers slide on to the sides of the gamepad so you can play The Legend of Zelda in your palm. 

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Indulge in a bit of nostalgia and play all your favourite childhood games with the Nintendo Classic Mini NES. It’s even got a CRT filter to make it feel as if you’re playing on an old TV.

The Nintendo Classic Mini SNES comes with two controllers so you can share classic games like Super Mario World and Final Fantasy III with your kids. Let the battle of the generations commence!


6. Test your trivia knowledge with Alexa

Amazon’s virtual assistant is best known for controlling your smart home devices, but she also has a fun side.

Amazon Echo

Ask your smart speaker to play music and keep you entertained with quizzes and games. Play Trivial Pursuit, true or false, bingo and more with Amazon Echo’s games catalogue.

Want Alexa to tell you a joke?

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Amazon Echo Spot

The Amazon Echo Spot is more compact and has a small display screen - perfect for the bedroom or kitchen. Ask Alexa for the weather forecast to find out if it’s a good day to hang the washing out or when you should go for a run.

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