6 robot helpers for your home

The future of home help is here. Meet your new robot friends…

28 May 2020


Having robots in the home was the stuff of science fiction just a few years ago. But now, well, here they are. Robot helpers are very real, and ready to make light work of all those boring chores. And they can help you out in lots of other important ways too. Meet your new home helps…


For help with laundry

You’ve done the weekly load of ironing, and you want some well-earned rest. But you’ve got all those clothes to fold, right?

Wrong. Here comes Foldimate, and guess what it loves doing?

Simply feed your unfolded clothes into Foldimate’s mouth (or perhaps ‘laundry slot’ is a better description) and with the help of some ‘Fast Fold’ technology it’ll fold 25 items in around 5 minutes. Oh, and it’s so smart that it’ll even adjust the fold for different types of garment. Foldimate doesn’t have arms, but if it did it would surely deserve a high-five.


For cleaner floors

Yes, there are some great cordless and lightweight vacuum cleaners out there. But you still need to actually push them around the house, when you could be doing other more important things – or just relaxing. So why not get a robot to clean your floors?

The iRobot Roomba 980 is a great example of what a robot vacuum can do. It moves around your home cleaning floors, and can even remember those dirty nooks and crannies that need special attention. It can also plug itself into its charging station to automatically recharge. Then when it’s powered back up, it’ll head straight to the spot where it left off and continue cleaning. Very smart.

Buy the iRobot Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner here


For spotless windows

Okay, the floors are clean, but what about your windows? Yes, there’s a robot window cleaner that’ll do the job for you. The Alfawise Magnetic robot cleaner has microfiber pads to get your glass squeaky clean, and suction pads to make sure it never falls of the window. It works quietly too – good news if you don’t enjoy the jaunty whistling of real-life window cleaners.


For a perfect lawn

Mowing the lawn can be as much hassle as doing the hoovering, so let’s get the Flymo 1200R robot lawn mower to do the job. It can automatically mow a lawn area up to 400 m², and can also handle slopes of up to 25 degrees. And to make life even easier for you, it doesn’t leave any grass clippings behind. Instead, the clippings end up back in the soil, and end up acting as a natural mulch to improve the condition of your lawn.

Buy the Flymo 1200R robot lawn mower


For home surveillance and security

At the moment, most home security systems consist of a few fixed cameras dotted around the home. It’s a tried and trusted setup, but hand over the task to a robot and it can roam around like a dedicated and all-seeing night-time security guard. The iPatrol Riley roams around on tank-like tracks, has a night-vision camera, motion detection and live HD recording. And yes, it can charge itself. So even when you’re on holiday, it’ll stay alert.


For help carrying stuff

If you need help carrying something, there’s a hardworking robot called Budgee that’ll lighten your load. Budgee can follow you around indoors and outdoors (it’s been designed to go wherever a wheelchair can go), and will happily carry up to 50lbs of stuff for you. You can even ‘drive’ it yourself using your smartphone.

Can you think of any other ways a robot could help around the home? Have you heard of any other cool home robots ? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!