6 tech myths busted at IFA Berlin

Tech myths are well-worn phrases that are said and written so often they’re taken as fact. A few were proved wrong at IFA Berlin, one of the world’s biggest consumer tech shows.
  1. ‘Smartwatches look naff’

The myth: ‘Smartwatches? They look like something from Back to the Future. All boxy and chunky …’

A smartwatch is an extension of your phone. You can read and send text messages, dictate emails, browse apps and sometimes pay for things and monitor your fitness levels.

The first smartwatches were square, futuristic-looking and large. But the Samsung Gear S2, the Motorola Moto 360 second generation and the Huawei Watch are different.

They have traditional round faces, proper bezels, stainless steel casing and changeable straps. They’re totally wearable – even to work or a wedding.

IFA Berlin’s most stylish smartwatch:


  • Samsung Gear S2: This slim, round-faced watch is very chic. Use its nifty rotating bezel to scroll through apps and menus. The minimalist metal design and changeable straps make it a style winner.


  1. ‘2 in 1 laptops are a fad’

The myth: ‘A laptop that turns into a tablet? Surely that’s not going to catch on…’

The laptops launched at IFA 2015 and the recently redesigned Windows 10 suggest 2 in 1s are here to stay.

These laptops can be easily converted into a tablet with the swivel of a hinge or the push of a button.

Microsoft redesigned the Windows operating system to get the best from both touchscreen tablets and keyboard-and-mouse laptops and PCs.

2 in 1s offer massive flexibility – whether writing an essay or watching a movie.

The 2 in 1s of IFA 2015

Tosh Sat



  • Toshiba Satellite Radius 12: This is a dreamy laptop. It has a 4K screen, the latest superfast processor from Intel, and a great 2 in 1 design. Flip it into tablet mode and you have your own mini 4K TV for streaming Netflix. Flip it back and it’s a powerful, fast and lightweight tool for work.


  1. ‘There’s no 4K content to watch’

Myth: ‘Why would I spend money on a new 4K resolution TV when there’s nothing to watch on it yet?’

To get the best from a 4K UHD TV you need what’s called native 4K content – shows and movies recorded or mastered in the resolution. When 4K TVs first launched there was very little of this around.

But that’s changed now – with more native 4K content becoming available. And at IFA Berlin the world’s first 4K Blu-ray player was revealed by Samsung. It’ll play proper 4K Blu-ray discs – your movies will look splendid.

Blu-ray aside, you can also stream content in 4K from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. And BT Sport has its own 4K channel, broadcasting super-sharp football and rugby.


  1. ‘OLED TV is finished’

The myth: ‘Everyone’s given up on OLED TV – isn’t it the new 3D?

OLED is a new type of TV display. It creates an exceptionally good picture – with deep blacks and bright whites. OLED TVs are pencil-thin too.

It stands for organic light-emitting diode (just so you know).

But OLED panels are difficult to make, so many manufacturers have instead focused their efforts on 4K UHD – the other major TV innovation of recent years and widely accepted as the successor to Full HD TV.

But that doesn’t mean OLED is finished.


LG and Panasonic are still fully behind OLED technology, and both launched OLED TVs at IFA Berlin.

Because OLED is a TV display technology rather than a resolution (like Full HD or 4K UHD) you can have an OLED TV with a 4K resolution.

Just like the LG and Panasonic 4K OLEDs launched at IFA.


  1. ‘It’s difficult to make your home smart’

Myth: ‘Automating your home to be controlled from a smartphone can’t be easy’

You can make your home smart with minimal effort. There’s no need to make alterations, or have workmen in. Control your home from your phone in minutes with the right tech. Take Samsung SmartThings.

You buy a starter kit that comes with a hub and a number of sensors. Connecting these and positioning around your home takes around 15 minutes. Then control your lighting, secure your doors and windows and know when the kids get home from your phone. What can I do with SmartThings?


IFA Berlin ran from 4 to 9 September 2015. Want to find out more? 5 amazing gadgets from IFA Berlin