Alexa paves the way for voice technology at CES 2017

With Alexa voice assistant, you can now talk to your fridge, your speakers, and much more. Here's just a few of the many innovative gadgets that work with Alexa voice assistant...

09 Jan 2017


Amazon Echo

Gadgets with voice assistance are set to be one of the top trends for 2017, and with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, we can see why.

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It started with the Amazon Echo, a speaker that incorporated 360 degree sound with smart AI voice control. Now, Alexa is quite literally dominating the conversation. Our gadgets are all becoming linked with Alexa – from washing machines to Hoovers and lighting. Check out the top gadgets with Alexa voice assist that we discovered at CES 2017…


Lenovo Smart Assistant 

This clever little speaker looks very much like a more colourful version of the Amazon Echo. The speaker is still cylindrical in design, but the Lenovo Smart Assist has a splash of colour.

So, both the Amazon Echo and Lenovo Smart Assist are similar in design and use Alexa – what’s the difference? Well, Lenovo have promised to deliver better sound courtesy of a Harmon Kardon version of the speaker for $50 extra. Unfortunately UK customers may not be seeing this device on our shelves at all, but at least we can always rely on the Amazon Echo.Lenovo Smart

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LG Instaview smart fridge

LG have brought us the first ever fridge to have Alexa built-in. If you’ve got your hands full in the kitchen, you can ask Alexa to read you recipes, play you music and give you the news and weather in the morning. The 29-inch screen is also ideal for leaving notes and reminders for the family. With the LG Instaview’s built in camera, you can check if you’re running low on groceries. It gets better though, if you notice you need to pick something up, you can ask Alexa to order it for you right then and there.

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Whirlpool teams up with Alexa in the kitchen 

Whirlpool has announced at CES 2017 that Alexa will be integrated across most of it’s latest smart appliances. We have seen this kind of connected home technology across other brands such as Samsung, so Whirlpool’s move into building homes where the appliances work together in one smart ecosystem demonstrates just how certain it is that smart home technology will soon become the norm.

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In terms of functionality, this move towards connected appliances means that you’ll be able to tell Alexa to start your washing cycle as you’re putting dinner on, or ask Alexa to turn off the oven if you’ve left the kitchen and forgotten.


Philips uGrow Baby monitoring

Parents have often got their hands full with little ones, but Philips and Alexa are working together to help make monitoring your baby’s routine.uGrow

For parents who want to keep a digital record of their baby’s temperature, feeding times, nappy changes and more, Philips have developed a range of smart products to help. Form Smart bottles to baby monitors, the uGrow range is designed to help parents log information that might help them build more routine.

So, where does Alexa come in? In this case, Alexa is simply on hand to help when you’ve got your hands full. Instead of logging feeds or nap times by phone, you can simply let Alexa know what you’d like to add to your records – perfect if you want to log sleep times but don’t want to disturb the little one snoozing on your lap after 40 minutes of pleading and rocking.


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