All the big news from CES 2018

Currys PC World were live at CES 2018. In case you missed our coverage, here are all the big announcements and releases in one handy place...

19 Jan 2018



In January of every year, tech companies big and small gather in Las Vegas for CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, to showcase to the world their latest products and innovations.

Currys PC World were live at the show, but in case you missed our coverage, here are all the new technology announcements and releases that you need to know about…



CES is often dominated by new TV technology announcements. And, while there weren’t as many big changes in TV hardware than we’ve seen in previous years, there were lots of impressive new innovations in software and screen technology to get excited about.

samsung wall

Samsung announced the first ever MicroLED television ‘The Wall’, which is unique in that the pixels are not only much smaller, but also self-lighting, so you get brighter colours and darker blacks. 

LG announced the second edition of its successful W - or Wallpaper - series of TVs. Largely similar in terms of hardware, the big news is Google Assistant integration. Rather than pressing buttons, you can now ask the remote to change channel or open Netflix. The TV can also display results from Google apps like Weather, News, Photos and Maps. Plus, you can even order a pizza through Dominos or a cab through Uber. 

The other exciting news from LG was a glimpse of the future with their 65” rollable screen TV. The screen rolls itself into a box when it’s not being used.

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Health and lifestyle tech

We also saw new innovations in tech for health, fitness, wellbeing and tech for your baby.

sleep headband

Sleep is becoming a big theme for technology. We saw a variety of gadgets designed to monitor, and improve, the kind of sleep we’re getting at night.

A real highlight was the Philips' Dream Sleep Headband, which senses when you’re in deep sleep, and then plays sounds that can help enhance your sleep and your alertness the next morning.

One of the most impactful new gadgets was an interactive new duck toy developed by Aflac that helps children diagnosed with cancer to better express their emotions. If they’re feeling sad, the duck mirrors their sad face, which, in turn, is supposed to help give them companionship when they’re going through cancer treatment.

Mindfulness has become an ever-more important part of many people’s daily routines. And Smith's brainwave sunglasses are the perfect way to learn how to meditate. They sync with your brainwaves to create weather noises. When you’re calm and focused, the weather’s calm. If you get distracted, the weather gets stormy, helping alert you that you need to get back on track.

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Artificial Intelligence

Your home appliances are becoming ever more intelligent, with several manufacturers announcing that all of their products will have AI built-in from now on.

lg quadwash

AI is all about machines learning more about you to programme themselves to best suit your routines. Say, for example, your smart tech knows that you come home at a certain time most evenings. It can then programme itself to turn on the lights, warm your home and play your favourite music.

Your washing machine can learn the average load of your laundry, and optimise its settings to help you get the best wash.

And your television can learn the kind of programme you love the most, and make suggestions based on the kind of content it thinks you might like.

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Voice Assistants

Judging by the sales of Amazon Echo and Google Home over the festive period, more and more UK homes are using voice-activated technology.

At CES, the big news was these assistants being integrated into more and more technology - from televisions, to washing machines, fridges and even toilets! Whatever new appliances you buy over the coming years, it’s likely Alexa or Google Assistant will be able to help you use them.

smart stuff

A whole new category is emerging, and that’s voice assistants with screens, namely Echo Show or Echo Spot from Amazon with Alexa built in, or a variety of new Google Assistant powered smart screens by Lenovo, LG, JBL and Sony.

These new screens add a whole new dimension to your interaction with your voice assistant by displaying helpful results rather than just reading them out. Ask Alexa for directions and she’ll show you a map. Ask Google Assistant to play a song, and it will show the lyrics on screen to help you sing along. Who knows where they’ll take us next.

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