Amazon Go lets you take what you want with no checkouts

Fancy walking into a shop, picking up what you want and just walking out again? Amazon’s new Seattle store, Amazon Go, lets you do just that – without breaking the law…

07 Dec 2016


We all love shopping, but sometimes it can be a bit of a chore. Popping in to grab just a few things and then queuing for ages when you’re in a rush is a pain we could all live without.


If Amazon’s new shop in Seattle has anything to do with it, queuing will be a thing of the past. Amazon Go lets you simply pick up what you want and walk out of the shop.

We have to say, we’d feel pretty strange about walking out of a shop with a bag full of goodies without having handed over wads of cash. Have no fear, Amazon Go takes care of all that automatically as you leave the shop.


The shop has some very impressive technology at work when you walk through the doors. There’s a free Amazon Go app for your phone, and you use this to get through the turnstiles into the store. Once you’re in, put the phone in your pocket and start shopping.


The shop then senses everything you pick up from the shelves as you move through the store and adds it to your basket. Change your mind about something? Simply put it back on the shelf and the store removes it from your virtual basket. There’s no need to scan barcodes or anything – your phone stays in your pocket the entire time.


Once you’ve got everything you need, simply leave the shop. Everything in your basket is charged to your account and you’re good to go.


At the moment, Amazon Go is pretty much an experimental concept store. Most of the items on sale appear to be low value things like food and drink, which avoids the risk of someone simply grabbing a load of high value goods without having logged in and vanishing off into the night.


Amazon has previously launched a “one button shopping” product called Amazon Dash. This lets you scan barcodes or speak the name of the product you want and it automatically adds the product to your shopping basket. Alternatively, you can get versions known as the Dash Button that are for a single product – so you could mount one for your favourite washing powder on your washing machine, for example.


We suspect Amazon Go in Seattle represents Amazon dipping its toes into the stormy “physical shop” retail seas. If the initial store proves successful, expect to see more Amazon Go shops popping up in strategic places. You never know – this could be the way we all shop in future…


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