What type of Christmas person are you? Take our Xmas personality test to find out…

Are you always the first one downstairs on Christmas morning? Are you more humbug than ho ho ho? Take our quiz and find out what type of Christmas person you are...

22 Nov 2013



The Coca-Cola Christmas advert has hit our screens, Christmas lights up and down the country have been well and truly switched on, town centres are bustling with festive shoppers and Santa is readying his sleigh...

It's official: Christmas is on the way!

While most of us wish it could be Christmas every day and relish the thought of waking up at dawn to race the kids downstairs, drowning under a mountain of mince pies and trauling through repeat after repeat of cheesy Christmas flicks, some people can't wait for the big day to pass. So we thought it'd be fun to create a Christmas quiz to find out what type of Christmas person you are, and how big a role technology plays in your Christmas planning, shopping and celebrating.

Take our quiz and find out…


I'll write my Christmas list:

A)   And send it to Santa at the North Pole

B)   On my shiny new iPad and email it to everyone

C)   If I have time

This year's Christmas tree will be:

A)   A beautiful pine tree, covered in shiny lights and glittering decorations

B)   Playing Christmas songs from speakers in the branches with a synchronised light display

C)   The plastic one in the loft we use every year

Santa will know my house because:

A)   It's got the biggest display of Christmas lights outside

B)   I've sent him pretty clear directions via Google Maps

C)   It's on the naughty list

My favourite Christmas song is:

A)   Sung together with the whole family around the tree

B)   A dubstep remix of Cliff Richards' Mistletoe and Wine I made on Fruity Loops

C)   Oscar the Grouch - I Hate Christmas

My Christmas shopping plan is:

A)   Already done it all

B)    Not started yet - but I'll be shopping online when I do

C)    What time do the shops stay open 'til on Christmas Eve again?
For Christmas Dinner I will be:

A)   Making Turkey with all the trimmings in our new double oven

B)   Preparing an astonishing range of pre-prandial cocktails

C)   Hammering on the doors of McDonalds

Christmas is:

A)   A time to celebrate family and friends

B)   When the best games come out

C)   Too frequent

My top gadget this Christmas will be:

A)   A Karaoke Microphone so we can have a family Christmas sing song

B)   Either my new Xbox One or PS4

C)   An espresso machine - I'll be needing it!

Boxing Day is:

A)   Almost as good as Christmas Day - let the celebrations continue!

B)   A great time to head online to hunt down some good deals

C)   Thankfully that's it for another year

Now tally up your answers and find out whether you're a 'Christmas Present', 'Past' or 'Future' type of person...

Answered mostly 'a'? Then you're 'Christmas Present'

You wish it could be Christmas every day! You know where your tree is coming from, have the turkey on order already and started shopping in May. You'll have the family singing around the tree and the dinner on the table without even breaking a sweat.  And when it's time to put away your Christmas jumper, you'll start planning next year, even before the last of the Boxing Day mince pies have been eaten...

Answered mostly 'b'? Then you're 'Christmas Future'

What's the best thing about Christmas? All the new gadgets Santa's techno-elves are making in his workshop.  You'll be watching the Queen's Speech on the latest ultra-high definition TV, enjoying the latest games on the new generation of consoles and streaming the alternative Christmas number one around your built-in multi-room home audio system...

Answered mostly 'c'? Then you're 'Christmas Past' 

You've had more than enough of Christmas and can't wait 'til it's all over again.  Sure, it's nice to see family and friends, but you could do without all the tinsel, crowds and relentlessly jolly songs. But although you can't stand all the stress and rushing about, there's a tiny part of you that loves the moment the Christmas Crackers come out.  Maybe it's the look of horror on everyone's face as they hear the latest batch of terrible jokes...