Avoid disappointed faces this Xmas with our gift ideas...

12 Nov 2010


Sometimes you disappoint people or upset them without meaning to. A good song comes on your iPod and you just can’t stop yourself from raising the volume to bask in the tune glory. Everyone around you who can hear the muffled blarings from your ears thinks you’re annoying. Not intentional.

Spare a thought for Paul Chambers if you think you’ve got it tough. Tweets a flippant comment about an airport closure in January and boom! Loses his job, loses his court appeal and gets slapped with a fine of over £2k. Boom may be inappropriate here, but again, shows how you can get it so wrong when you never meant too.

Christmas can be a similarly troublesome minefield to navigate. Nothing worse than seeing the instant disgust of an opened present masked by the false, vacant smile forced across the face of the person who secretly wants to smear that present in your unthoughtful face.

So here are some gadgets that will definitely hit the mark with friends and family alike!

1.Noise-cancelling / sound-isolating headphones – Perfect for anyone with an iPod who commutes or hits the gym or just likes zoning out
To listen to your tunes without being bothered by commuters who are bothered by your loud music, you need sound-isolating or noise-cancelling headphones. They work by cancelling out ambient noise so you can hear your music clearly without the screech of the train, allowing you to keep your music on a lower level. Top of the line headphones from Bose could set you back £279, but deliver a lifetime of ‘concert sound without the crowds’. You can also get in-ear headphones for less than a tenner that cancel noise passively by sitting snugly in your ear so noise can’t escape or enter.

2.Sat nav with lane assist or junction view – Perfect for anyone who drives a lot and has a tendancy to hog the middle lanes or the fast lane
Ok, granted my sat nav is about 5 years old – prehistoric in ‘technology’ years – but it has a tendency to send me creeping over three lanes in one swift ‘Fast & Furious’ re-enactment so that I don’t miss my junction, collecting a lot of hoots and fist waves from my fellow drivers on the way. Amongst other convenient features of modern day sat navs that help to keep your eyes on the road instead of the dashboard, GARMIN have ‘junction view’ and ‘lane assist’ that help you always stay in the right lane for your turns, alleviating the potential of you becoming a victim of road-rage.

3.Digital photo frames – Perfect for anyone who loves their family/friends and takes lots of photos
Ironically, the most easily offended are sometimes the ones that we expect the least judgement from – our beloved friends and family. Ever displayed a large photo of your first niece slap bang in the middle of your mantle when your other nieces came over? Needless to say I was booted right off the list of favourite aunties after that, but my mum helped resolve all future favouritism felonies by buying me a digital photo frame to make sure everyone’s included!

So there you have it. Good luck, remember with Xmas gifts, you have to give as good as you get. If you get rubbish presents this year, remember it for next year…