BLACK is the new black: A visit to the fabulous new high-end tech store ends in tears...

05 Jan 2011


I visited the sensational new designer technology store, BLACK, in Birmingham yesterday and left (almost) in tears because I didn't want to go home. I wanted to live there.

Shop front.JPG

BLACK shares the same parent company as and therefore the same values of exceptional quality and product education. The BLACK store is the living, breathing version of what we strive for here at - with a splash of high fashion!


A chandelier at the entrance and mannequins wearing the trendiest gadgets throughout the store are some of the boutique-like features that make BLACK so original and gorgeous. Equally as hi-tech as it is fashionable, the multi-story shop features a neon-lit green elevator column running up the centre and the spacious store is dotted with digital touch-screen info points.

Now imagine this three-story tech boutique with a range of carefully selected products from the leading brands in both design and technology. Elite brands like Leica, Bowers & Wilkins, Sonos and Bose show-off their revolutionary technologies and design creations in BLACK.

New Picture.png

And the best part? Everything on display is switched on and ready to be played with! BLACK encourages product interaction before you buy, or just simply for the experience. Both the displays and the staff brilliantly expose all the facts about the products and their integrated technologies in a way that everyone can understand.


Better still is the KnowHow cafe on the top floor. KnowHow is an area where shoppers can take a break, have a brew and learn more about products they like. Every hour, KnowHow puts on a live demonstration of one of the products in the store - a totally unique, entertaining and educational shopping experience!

KnowHow workshop.bmp

I watched Sam put on a demo about Kinect and was surprised at the vast difference between how much I thought I knew based on my research (and TV ads!) and how little I actually knew. So thanks Sam for the funny and useful demo (and for teaching me how to turn on the Xbox and play movies without getting up for the remote and jumping into someone else's Kinect game)!

One-to-one tuition sessions are also available free of charge so you can talk to a pro and learn everything you need to know about your new gadget. All the staff at BLACK are highly trained on the entire range of products so you won't be passed from person to person and you won't be disappointed. What a total pleasure to visit a store that genuinely wants you to get the most out of technology!

Vision wall.bmp

See now why I wanted to stay? Roll out my sleeping bag on the cafe sofa; spend nights in the sound demo room watching "3D movies":; shop for a handbag/laptop/purse combination straight out of Vogue magazine. Have you ever seen 3D photography in action? What about a GPS watch or tablet/laptop hybrid with a swivel screen? Exactly.

So, as much as it makes sense to trek to Winter Wonderland at Christmas time, it makes sense for everyone to visit the BLACK store ahead of buying a new gadget or appliance. A truly remarkable shopping and technology experience.