Boys’ toys - Father’s Day gadgets to suit all budgets and tastes

Whether you´re shopping for foodie dad, techie dad, football dad, fitness dad or cooking dad - we have the gift for him

03 Jun 2014


Forget chocolates, socks and cheap aftershave. What your dad really wants this Father's Day (June 15) is a gadget of some description.

Whether he likes to keep fit, cook, listen to movies, or watch TV or football, there's a great tech gift for him.

Check them out below…

Techie dad

Dad goes gaga for the latest must-have gadgets?

Answer: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo smartwatch 

L _10002024_002

Dad has to have the latest gadget before all his mates? Then it has to be a wearable - the tech of 2014.

A smartwatch is the most well-known wearable device. It's like a tiny smartphone for your wrist and can tell the time as well as doing lots of other cool things.

Take the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo. It can hook up to your dad's Samsung phone so he can monitor texts and missed calls from his wrist.

He'll no longer have to fish around in his bag when his naff ring tone goes off in a meeting - so ungainly, so embarrassing.

The Gear 2 Neo also packs in some features such as a heart rate monitor and pedometer to help dad with his exercise regime.




Football dad

Dad needs a tablet for a summer of football and his commute to work?

Answer: Google Nexus 7  

L _21515695_003 

Want to give your dad a gift that can keep him entertained whether on the sofa or on the train into work? Look no further than a pocket-size mini-tablet like Google's Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7 is the world's highest-resolution 7-inch tablet, so he'll be well set up for watching the football this summer when you wrestle control of the TV remote, again.

Opt for the 3G version and he can also browse the web, scribble tweets or stream content while on the train or at lunch in town.






Dad wants the football, you want the TV remote?

Answer: Sandstrom DAB radio

L _12231232 

Cannily allow dad to keep abreast of all the action in Brazil this summer without actually relinquishing control of the TV remote.

With a digital radio like the Sandstrom S6VDAB12 he can follow England's progress and argue with the opinions of pundits while cooking in the kitchen, or sitting down with a brew and the paper.

When the football is over, there are oodles of digital stations to keep him busy. Love music? BBC 6 Music has recently done a series of documentaries profiling guitar greats such as Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page.





Fitness dad

Dad has taken up running/joined gym?

Answer: iPod Shuffle 

L _18046121


The recent warm weather has put your dad onto a fitness kick but he's so far been using his old Walkman to play tunes. 

Help lighten his load and bring him up to date with a bitesize iPod shuffle. This tiny device from Apple is not much bigger than your passport photo, yet despite its diminutive size it holds hundreds of songs.

He doesn't need a case for it either, as the device clips directly onto his shorts - making it one of the first examples of wearable tech.

But best of all, it costs less than £40 - just in case the running thing is a fad. 





Dad wants to detox from his hectic lifestyle?

Answer: NutriBullet juicer 

L _10008667_001

Juicing is the latest health craze sweeping the nation. 

Whether your dad is a fitness newbie looking to detox as part of his new workout regime, or he's simply looking to boost his post workout healing and overall nutritional health, the NutriBullet will let your dad liquify almost any ingredient into a smooth and tasty mix.

The NutriBullet is unique to the market. While juicing leaves behind the fibre of the ingredients and blending leaves big chunks in the mix (meaning it's harder for your body to extract the nutrients), the NutriBullet combines the best of both worlds, blasting all ingredients into smithereens to give you both the fibre and nutritional benefits of both traditional blending and juicing combined. 

It even comes with dishwasher-safe 'carry cups' so your dad can juice and go, or simply prep a special breakfast brew for the morning and keep it in the fridge overnight.



Dad wants to see whether his fitness regime is paying off?

Answer: Fitbit Flex 

L _21430726


Your dad has been running for a while, but he's not sure whether his efforts are making any difference.

Inspire him to continue with the Fitbit Flex, a wristband that tracks your daily activity.

It will work out how much distance he has travelled and how many calories he has burned. Then, when he gets home he can hook it up to the smartphone app to see how much progress he has made on previous runs.

Just the kind of inspiration to keep him going when the warm summer evenings have been replaced by cold, dark nights.



Foodie Dad

Dad loves a proper coffee?

Answer: Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine 

L _02417734


Britons drink around 70 million cups of coffee per day - we truly have become a coffee nation.

Just stroll down the high street on a Saturday afternoon and count the number of people clutching paper cups filled with hot, luxurious coffees - from skinny lattes to straight-up espresso.

Give your dad a little similar luxury at home with his own coffee machine. Coffee's a personal thing, something people are particular about - with this Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 4200 he can tweak the setting to make his perfect espresso.

And because he'll have one most mornings, it's the gift that just keeps giving.




Dad loves cooking?

Answer: KitchenAid food processor

L _21500962 (1)

 Dad fancy himself as a bit of a Jamie Oliver on the side but finds all the chopping, dicing and slicing a bit of a bore?

Whether cooking for the family, friends, or a romantic meal for two, a food processor will seriously reduce his time spent on prepping.

With this KitchenAid food processor he can create complicated pastes for pukka curries in seconds - great if he's having the boys round to cheer on England this summer.

Sunday afternoon stews for the whole family are also rendered simple, with vast quantities of carrot and onion sliced and diced at the push of a button.

On the other hand if he wants to impress with a romantic dinner for two, he could even knock together some homemade pesto in it.

Celeb chefs including Oliver and Delia Smith have both said that serious cooks need a food processor.  An essential bit of kit. 


Music dad

Dad loves to blast out his favourite tunes?

Answer: Sonos Play: 1 wireless speaker

L _21748991


The Play:1 Sonos speaker will give your dad some real kudos among his pals at work - without costing you an arm and a leg.

Sonos speakers hook up to one another wirelessly and stream music from online services such as Spotify and iTunes around the different rooms in your house.

There's no need for a laptop, computer or smartphone either, as the Sonos streams music from the internet rather than through another device.

Because he can add to his collection with more speakers for other rooms, you may well have started and long and beautiful relationship.




So there we have it - boy's toys from budget to bling! What are you getting your dad for father's day this year? Tell us in the comments below...