CES 2013 – what to expect

We’ve shown you the strip, harped on about the hotels, but now the tease is over – it’s gadget time, baby.

06 Jan 2013


We've shown you the strip, harped on about the hotels, but now the tease is over - it's gadget time, baby.


The next five days will see Sin City renamed Tech City, with more than 150,000 industry professionals hitting town to argue over who has the biggest toy.

Vegas has around 150,000 hotel rooms, but the Consumer Electronics Association reckons 156,000 buyers, hacks, engineers and others are living viva Las Vegas.

But what are the wares they'll be hawking across 1.9 million square feet of floor space? Well, we don't really know - but there's plenty of speculation being exchanged both in Vegas and online. So here are a few ideas for things that may well be on the cards. 

Ultra TV
Back in the day the CES focused on TVs and stereos mainly, so it's no surprise hype over TV sets is trending. But not just any TV sets, oh no, the word is ultra HD - also known as 4K - will be hogging the headlines at CES 2013. They offer four times the resolution of regular HDTVs, and Sony is among those expected to leave myself and other bloggers picking our jaws from the floor with new 4K sets.

For ultra HD to really work, TVs have to be really big. But shake-off those ideas about running up tickets, turfing out the kids and turning your front room into a full-size cinema, for 60 inches is plenty big enough to see what 4k is all about.

Aside from 4K, analysts reckon TVs that connect us to the web will also be garnering column inches this week.
Internet ready, or smart, TVs are already a massive deal, helping us find imperfections in foes' Facebook photos with large screen, high-definition technology and giving us direct access to on-demand TV such as iPlayer.

LG is among those lining up a range of smart TVs that are, well, even smarter for CES 2013. Meanwhile, Samsung says it will deliver the "true innovation" in TV at CES. The rumour mill has suggested this could involve a translucent screen and a bezel-less display which runs from one edge to the other.

Flexible laptops
Versatility is a big deal these days. We all want a camera that's also a phone, a PC that's also a TV. So when a slew of convertible laptops were released last year it wasn't all that surprising. But surprising or not, they were pretty damn cool. Launched to accommodate Windows 8's funky touchscreen world, they swapped from a laptop to a tablet and back again with less hassle than it takes to whip off your jacket.

Like the work colleague who excels at everything put before him, convertible laptops were just as good at home on the sofa as they were at work in the office. We scribbled extensively about devices like the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, and now there's a whisper floating up and down the Strip that more revolutionary convertibles are to be unveiled at CES 2013.

Ctrl Shift
We are undergoing a revolution in how we control our gadgets. Boffins have freed us from joypads and keyboards and allowed us to control our computers and games consoles with the wave of a hand, the swipe of the screen, the lunge of the leg.

Expect to see more takes on motion and voice control at CES, with LG to show off its newly redesigned Smart Remote, a device which allows us to turn off our telly by talking to it. So what's new, you say? The fact you can now do this in your regular voice, as though you're having a conversation with someone, that's what. 

If this has whetted your appetite then you better hold onto your hats because, as the song goes, we've only just begun and these are a mere drop in the CES ocean. Stay tuned for five days of blogs, videos, pictures and tweets on the tech coming out of Nevada this January.