CES 2015: The most exciting technology coming your way this year

We´ve seen the latest Smart home and fitness innovations from CES, and can´t wait to share them with you

09 Feb 2015


Run your home from your phone and motivate yourself fit with amazing new gadgets to launch this year.

Light bulbs and thermostats that talk to each other to make your home smarter, home security cameras that can recognise when the kids get home and fitness trackers topped with Swarovski crystals are among some of our favourite products coming in 2015.

The smart home and wearable devices will dominate this year - here's our round up of a few favourites.

Best wearable tech for 2015

Withings  Activité Pop


In a nutshell: This looks like a traditional round-faced watch but it counts your steps and calories. It runs on a watch battery too

Like the idea of a fitness tracker but find them a bit too techy looking? This fitness tracker knows a thing or two about classic watch design. 

The Withings Activité Pop looks like a traditional - but very stylish - watch. But as well as telling the time you can track steps, count calories and set daily targets.

You don't need to charge it either, as it runs on a traditional watch battery.

The data it gathers on your activity and diet will be synced with the Withings Health Mate app on your smartphone to give you an idea of how you're improving over time.

Garmin Vivoactive 

In a nutshell: Count steps and calories, map runs with GPS and receive updates from your smartphone with this super-functional smartwatch for runners

Fitness trackers, smartwatches and GPS watches were traditionally 3 separate devices. Now Garmin combines the lot in a single watch with the Vivoactive.

When out running, it will track your route and your distance. If you're taking the stairs instead of the lift and watching what you eat during the week it can track your steps and calories. And if you receive text messages or missed calls, they'll appear on your wrist.

The watch wirelessly syncs with your smartphone so you can see how you're improving over time - a great way to keep motivated.

Misfit Swarovski Shine

Swarovski Shine Bracelet


In a nutshell: This self-charging activity tracker blends fitness monitoring with high-fashion thanks to its iconic styling and Swarovski crystal.

The Misfit Swarovski Shine is a Misfit Shine activity tracker adorned with a white or violet-hued Swarovski crystal. It's clever as well as cool though - with solar charging there's no need for batteries or wires.

The tracker will record how many steps you take when you're on your way to work and heading home. Then it'll record how many calories you consume when eating lunch and dinner. 

Then use the corresponding smartphone app to see how it changes over time.

Sony Smart B Trainer 

In a nutshell: Headphones that play music, direct you on your route and deliver motivational updates and messages

Ever feel like you want more from your headphones? Sony has developed a pair that will act as your own personal trainer.

The Smart B Trainer headphones are set to become the new best friend of runners everywhere. As well as playing music, they direct you along your route with GPS (turn right, turn left etc) and deliver messages to motivate you through your run.

Never struggle for motivation again - it even chooses music to suit the pace you need to be running at. 

Best Smart home tech for 2015 

Samsung SmartThings


In a nutshell: Connect and control devices from different manufacturers across your home with a single smartphone app

Samsung SmartThings is a Smart home hub that allows you to have devices from different manufacturers running and interacting on the same network.

 With SmartThings you can:

  • Control your lights, locks and heating using a single smartphone app
  • Know who comes in and out of your house and when, and when movement is detected while you're away
  • Set lights and heating to come on and off when you're out of the house

It's compatible with Philips Hue lightbulbs and Sonos wireless speakers as well as Honeywell thermostats, Dropcam home security cameras and more. 


In a nutshell: Nest thermostats can now work activity trackers and light bulbs from other manufacturers to make your heating and lighting smarter 

Nest Smart thermostats let you operate your heating from your phone and learn about you to automatically adjust your heating to suit your lifestyle. 

You can also change your home's lighting, monitor your fridge and more thanks to compatibility with other manufacturers' products.

Here are 2 examples unveiled at CES:

  1. Turns on the heating for the moment you wake up (Nest and Jawbone fitness/sleep trackers)
  2. Flashes your home lights on and off in red when a smoke alarm is set off (Nest and Lifx Smart lightbulbs)

Netatmo Welcome

In a nutshell: A home security camera that can recognises the faces of family members and identifies strangers

Want a security system with a more personal touch? The Netatmo Welcome uses facial recognition technology to recognise whether the person entering your home is family or a stranger.

The camera is connected to your phone, and sends you a message with the name of the family member who is arriving home - say the kids are back from school or your partner is back from work.

When someone it doesn't recognise enters, the camera records a clip of what they're doing in the house. It even has its own internal storage, you footage is stored on the device rather than online.

Misfit Smart lightbulbs

Misfit Bolt

In a nutshell: control your home's lighting from your phone and choose from millions of different colours 

Choose from a myriad of colours and scenes to light your living room with Misfit's new smart light bulbs. Dim or change the light from your smartphone

Set the light to help you concentrate or relax. Escape from normality by casting a forest scene, a tropical sunset or a rainbow across your room.

They sync with Misfit sleep and activity trackers too, so the lights will come on gradually at the time you wake.

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