CES 2015: What to expect

Every year the world´s biggest technology companies come together at the largest technology show on Earth - CES, in Las Vegas - to showcase their latest products and innovations. Here´s what we think will be big at this year´s show...

31 Dec 2014


CES BannerWhy you should care about CES

The International Consumer Electronics Show - more commonly known as CES - may not be massively high in your 'events of the year' calendar and you could be forgiven for thinking 'why would I care about CES 2015?'

Yes, on the surface it is a private show in the middle of Las Vegas where people show off weird and wonderful gadgets to the media and a host of technology geeks. BUT, this annual event gives us a glimpse of the products that will eventually appear on shelves, in our homes and our hands later on in the year.

OLED TVs, Tablets, 4K TV, the Xbox and Blu-Ray players all got their big reveal at a CES event (admittedly so did the mini disc player, but you can't always get it right can you?). Today, all of those have become just part of our day to day lives.

If we look back over the last few years, we saw some pretty big innovations that line our stores and sit in most people's houses or pockets across the UK.  CES 2013 was the year the world went smart - with phones and tablets the order of the day. We met the Xperia Z smartphone from Sony as well as Samsung's Galaxy S2 Plus in addition to a host of new Smart Viera TVs from Panasonic.

CES 2014 was the year of beautiful and wearable tech. We saw smartbands and smart watches really come to the party, and set in motion a new era for technology - wearable tech that helps you live a smarter and more active life.

We saw LG bring a curved OLED UHD TV to the market, while Samsung unveiled their own curved TVs - making the main feature of your living rooms look better than ever.

Sony Xperia Z

We even saw a Li-Fi Smartphone, that used the power of light waves to make and receive signals and even charge the phone itself (that one is not quite with us yet!)

CES is not open to the public, but we're going to be there throughout the event to bring you the latest new on the technology we see, the people we speak to, and what will be getting people excited about in 2015.

What to expect from CES 2015

This year we are more excited than ever to see what will be unveiled from the big names in the business. 

Yes, there will be the usual parade of stunningly beautiful TVs, bigger smartphones and more advanced tablets, but on of the biggest changes you will see in the tech you buy next year will come in the form of wearable tech and the way it interacts with your phone.

Our prediction is that this year will remain dominated by wearable technology that is smaller, more powerful and more integrated into your life. Alongside this, we expect 2015 to be the year that Smart Tech becomes accessible for the masses, meaning we'll all be a step closer to having the technology in our homes to let our appliances, heating, locks, security devices and more talk to each other and the power to control them all straight from our smartphones.

Smart Homes

Smartwatches will be a big one to keep an eye out for. Apple may have already announced theirs, but we expect to see quite a few newcomers and upgrades to existing ones. We might even see a few people coming into the glasses or augmented reality arena to try and rival Google.

Smart Watches

Fitness tech will continue to boom as the bond between technology and healthy lifestyle shows no sign of slowing down, and the virtual reality world may combine activity with tracking. The convergence of gaming, virtual reality and wearable tech should be a truly unique offering in the not too distant future and CES 2015 might be a chance to see these three massive areas coming together a bit more.

Undoubtedly though, the Smart Home and the Internet of Things will be the biggest point of interest as companies compete to make your home entirely internet connected and then to make it easy and intuitive to control.

Whatever we end up seeing, you will be the first to know about it and we are super excited to see what is in store from the biggest technology show in the world.

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