Choosing the right drone

Whether you’re buying for a novice or an experienced pilot, we’ll help you find the right drone…

Choosing the right drone

It’s certainly a fun piece of technology, but there are a number of types out there to choose between – to help you decide, we’ve narrowed down all the choices to highlight our favourites…


First time drone captain

In a nutshell: A more affordable way to take to the skiesparrot pf727003 swing drone

The Parrot Swing has a unique X-shape for vertical take-off and landings. Mount your smartphone onto the Flypad to keep on top of your aircraft’s vital stats, or you can download the free, user-friendly Flight Mini app on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

Designed for aerial acrobatics and racing – find out what flight modes work best for different manoeuvres. Tilt the Parrot forward to race, and don’t forget to use the boost mode to reach those top speeds of 19mph.

Fine-tune your manoeuvring indoors or take to the skies to get a bird’s eye view of your local park within a range of 60m. Enjoy these views through the on-board camera that delivers a live video feed to your smart device.

Get the Parrot Swing Drone with Flypad


The pilot who wants ultimate control

In a nutshell: Professional drone that has intelligent flight and a high-performance camera – at half the price of other pro-drones dji sparkThe DJI Spark Drone is a sleek, lightweight, streamlined machine, built for impressive flight performance – accelerating to top speeds of 31mph with up to 16 mins of flight time.

Depending on your mission’s objectives you can choose a different flight mode, try…

  • ActiveTrack – to track the subject of your film and create a smooth professional video
  • TapFly – control using the visuals on your smartphone app, tapping the screen to direct Spark’s flight path
  • PalmControl – use hand gestures to navigate Spark and take photos

All these flight modes help you to compose your cinematic pieces – circle your subject or ascend with camera pointing down – to capture the scene perfectly with mechanical stabilisation reducing shake. And you can get creative with your shooting modes; try out panoramic or shallow focus.

Fly safe with:

  • Accurate sensing – to avoid obstacles and land smoothly
  • Return home function that activates if the battery is low, connection is lost or at your command
  • Alerts when near a restricted flight space such as airports or stadiums

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Tech lover who wants the cream of the crop

In a nutshell: Top drone with incredible range and mind-blowing visual technology

DJI Mavic Pro

With the DJI Mavic Pro you have up to 27 minutes to complete your mission. The powerful motors send your drone speeding off at up to 40mph. Control that speed within the 4.3 mile range from your iOS or Android smartphone.

Catch the live-streamed stunning 4K Ultra HD quality aerial views at a smooth 30 frames per second. It’s professional cinematography with the tech to support the best shots – from clever stabilisation of the integrated camera at high speeds and tracking modes from a range of angles.

A hassle-free flight experience – the Mavic Pro has clever tech that senses obstacles up to 15m away to avoid any collisions. Keep an eye on your location using GPS, but don’t be held back in areas without GPS – you can use the visual sensors to navigate. 

When you’ve landed, pack up your personal force of technology into a compact form that fits into your backpack.

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Make sure you fly responsibly

It’s important to remember to follow The Drone Code set out by The Civil Aviation Authority when flying a drone in the UK 

The key points are to: 

  1. Keep your drone in sight.
  2. Stay away from aircraft.
  3. Maintain a respectful distance from people and property.

To make sure you’re following the safe-fly rules, check out our article on where you can - and can't - fly your drone


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