3D-printed homes and drone buses – life in 100 years

Samsung has teamed up with top scientists to predict how technology will revolutionise the way we live…

18 Feb 2016


Ever wondered what life will be like in 100 years’ time? 

A panel of scientists has come together with Samsung SmartThings to predict how technology will transform our lives in the future.

And the findings show that ground-breaking gadgets are set to dramatically alter almost every aspect of our lives – from our homes to our holidays.

In fact, experts predict the emerging tech we’re just getting used to today will take on a whole new lease of life over the course of the next century. Samsung SmartThings

Credit: Samsung


Next-generation holidays

You may already be familiar with drones – driverless aircrafts which are being used to capture incredible films and even to deliver goods bought online. But how about using one instead of your car?

One of the predictions is that drones will become an everyday form of transport – travelling down skyways instead of roads.

They could even be used as futuristic ‘mules’, strong enough to carry our homes round the world for the ultimate holiday – giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘staycation’.


New ways of living

A sky filled with drones is not the only change – our cities could look completely different, too.

It’s all thanks to revolutionary building materials – such as carbon nanotubes – being used to build huge skyscrapers that will put the tallest buildings of today to shame.

And as space in our cities becomes more and more squeezed, it won’t just be upwards that we build, but also down beneath our feet.

These earth-scrapers will turn all our ideas about architecture on their head – literally. They’ll dive down some 25 storeys underground, giving us a completely different view of the world around us.

Fancy designing and creating your own home instead? The report also predicts that we’ll soon be able to construct entire houses on a 3D printer – then print the furniture to fill it.

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Samsung SmartThings

Credit: Samsung


Work life

There’s good news in the world of work, too. 

Having to squeeze onto a packed commuter train to attend meetings could be made a thing of the past – as hologram technology allows you to be there virtually without having to leave your home or office.

And rather than asking for a doctor’s note when you’re too bunged up to work, how about getting a digital diagnosis in your living room using medi-pods in your home?


Make your home smarter

But you don’t have to wait 100 years to make your home that little bit smarter right now, thanks to some of the innovations already made by Samsung SmartThings.

Using sensors, clever devices and a smartphone app, you can control your entire living space, even when you’re miles away. With it you can:

  • have your morning coffee ready by setting your kettle to start boiling the minute you wake up
  • keep an eye on who goes in and out of your home with the Presence Sensor – perfect if you need to know what time your teenager got in the night before
  • switch on your heating when you set off from work – and arrive back to a warm house
  • or save money on electricity bills by checking you didn’t leave your lights on when you left the house

You can control all your devices with it too – even if they’re not made by Samsung.

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