5 of the craziest dash cam videos

From half-naked guys to meteors falling from the sky, here’s five of the craziest scenes ever caught on a dash cam.

Spend long enough on your YouTube or Facebook feed and you’re bound to come across a crazy dash cam video. This new breed of cameras have generated some unbelievable footage over the years thanks to their ubiquity in Russia and Asia. They’re easy to install and film the view from the dashboard of your car, making them incredibly handy during road incidents (and for catching naughty cops on camera!) So, from half-naked guys to meteors falling from the sky, here’s five of the craziest scenes ever caught on a dash cam.

That TransAsia flight GE235 crash

The TransAsia flight crash became one of 2015’s biggest news events due to the uncovered dash cam footage that emerged shortly after. This dramatic video taken from only meters away, shows the plane clipping a bridge then crashing into Taiwan’s Keeplung River.


The Chelyabinsk meteor

In 2013, an asteroid weighing more than 12,000 tons entered the earth’s atmosphere over Russia. When footage of the meteorite first appeared online everyone assumed it was fake. But, when dozens of videos appeared, it was clear this was one almighty meteor.  

Motorcycling acrobatics

What are the odds of weaving in between lanes, crashing into a car in front, then somersaulting onto its roof? We’d say, about a billion to one. But this guy still manages to pull it off like a pro.

Trucks spilling cows

Search for dash cam crashes online and you’ll find hundreds of videos and compilations. But none can rival this bizarre moment a truck flipped over and spilled a load of cows all over the road.


Guy jumps off 20-foot bridge…and survives

Escaping the police in Tijuana is no mean feat. Especially when you’re high as a kite on a cocktail of drugs. This half-naked man manged to pull it off by leaping from a 20-foot bridge, before dusting himself off and walking away like it was no big deal.

Dash cameras aren’t just useful for capturing unbelievable footage. They’re also handy if you’re involved in a road incident and looking for a record of events, or just wanting to capture a beautiful car journey. Whatever you need it for, make sure you check out Currys’ fantastic range of dash cams.