Four things we love from CES 2014 tech show

With thousands of gadgets on display in Las Vegas at this week´s CES it can be tough to track down the gems - here are a few that really caught our eye...

08 Jan 2014


Forget Sin City, Las Vegas is tech city this week.

More than 3,000 exhibitors are hawking their latest wares at the city's International CES tech show, which draws to a close on Friday.

But with so many gadgets coming out of one place, how do you know which are the shizzle?

We've been here all week, and have hand picked a few that caught our eye thus far.

Samsung's bendable TV

CES 2014 Samsung Bendy Screen TV

Curved 4K Ultra HD TVs are everywhere at CES 2014. Models from Samsung and LG have caught the eye in particular - with 105-inch curved screens really looking the business.

But what about a TV which goes from flat screen to curved at the push of a button? What about a TV which bends?

Samsung unveiled exactly that during its CES press show. Although just a prototype at present, it's certainly got the wow factor. 

Kolibree smart toothrush

Kolibree Toothbrush 1

Tired of wondering whether the kids are feeding you a line when they've told you they brushed their teeth?

The Kolibree smart toothbrush works with a corresponding app to not only check they have brushed them, but also whether they have brushed them properly.

It then provides feedback on how to brush better and areas that are being missed. It also works for adults who want to improve their brushing habits and get their whites even more pearly.

Sony Core fitness band

Sony Core

Wearable tech is arguably the main trend of CES 2014. One example that really caught our eye is the Sony Core. It's a tiny chip which slots into a a rubber fitness band to be worn on your wrist (or around your neck on a pretty chain)

It tracks how much exercise you're doing and how well you're sleeping. But there's more - it also tracks your lifestyle - what music you listened to and where, when you spoke to friends, when you watched a movie etc...

It works with a smartphone app, called Lifelog. Sony says as well as keeping you fit, it's about "tracking your entire digital lifestyle".

Pebble Steel smartwatch 

Pebble Steel

Another massive part of the wearable tech trend is the smartwatch and the one which racked up the most headlines at CES 2014 was the sleek, sexed-up Pebble Steel.

The original Kickstarter-funded Pebble is probably the most successful smartwatch to date, but its tech hipster styling doesn't really suit the office - all rubbery, oversized and 'I work for Google' hipness.

Now Pebble grows up with the new Steel device - a sleek smartwatch that allows you to receive text notifications and track your fitness without getting funny looks in the office.

The sophisticated Steel watch is finished in metal and comes with a range of straps.