Desert island gadgets: What would you take?

09 May 2011


During stressful afternoons in the office I often wonder how much easier life would be if I was stranded on a desert island, bathed in sunshine, far from the rest of civilisation.

Looks idyllic, doesn’t it? But hang on, where’s the nearest WiFi hotspot?

The trouble is, for all the tranquillity that would no doubt come with sun, sea and sand, I worry where I would be without electric sockets, WiFi hotspots and the comforting whirr of the fridge freezer.

But what if you had the choice of being exiled to a desert island for just a little while and you were allowed to take a few of your favourite gadgets with you?

I would bring these five invaluable pieces of tech:

Apple iPod
I seldom travel as far as the end of the road without my iPod, so it would definitely be on my list of desert island gadgets. The sound of the tide rolling in would probably become tiresome after a couple of months… but that’s not a problem with an iPod full of cracking tunes.

Kodak Mini Pocket Camcorder
All great explorers seem to document their travels with a film these days. Why would I want to be any different? This Kodak Mini Pocket Camcorder has an instant replay function so I can check that I’m framing my shots right in a hurry.

Sony portable DVD player
The picturesque surroundings on a desert island would no doubt keep me entertained for a good few hours. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean I want to fall behind on my mission to finish watching The West Wing boxset. This portable DVD player is battery-powered, so I must remember to bring a healthy supply for my stay in paradise!

BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone
Give it a couple of weeks and I’ll want to get back in touch with some old friends, who will probably be wondering where I’ve got to. Although I doubt there’s much in the way of mobile phone coverage on desert islands, the BlackBerry Curve 8520 will have enough apps to keep me busy if I can’t get a signal.

TomTom Sat Nav System
It’ll be high time to try and find my way home after a few months in the middle of nowhere. Considering my sense of direction is shocking, I think this TomTom Sat Nav could prove to be invaluable. I just hope the makeshift boat I try and make my escape on has a charger socket…

What gadgets would you take with you to a desert island? Comment below…