Essential tech for your adventure holiday

Whether you´re summer skiing in Zermatt, cycling from Coast to Coast or running in the Tuscan hills we have the tech to see you right

Your summer holiday plans more about adrenalin than relaxation?

Whether you're summer skiing in Zermatt, cycling from Coast to Coast on home soil or endurance running in the Tuscan hills we have the tech to see you right.

Here we pick out some top tech for your skiing, cycling or running trip.


The ski, snowboarding or cycling holiday

Skiing Lady

Summer holidays may be normally associated with sunbathing on the beach, but if you go to the right location you can find as much snow as sun.

Europe's biggest summer ski area is the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise - which you can get to from either the Swiss or Zermatt side of the Alps.

The world's biggest cycling event the Tour de France is currently under way, and has dominated headlines after its launch in Yorkshire. If you've got the cycling bug why not take a holiday on two wheels?

The Dordogne in France will take you through vineyards and charming medieval villages. Or if you prefer to be closer to home, the Coast-to-Coast from Whitehaven on the west coast to Sunderland in the north east if awe-inspiring.


The gadget for skiing and cycling - GoPro Hero 3+


Want to give those at home an idea of what it's like to hurtle down a mountain on a ski run, or over the Pennine hills on two wheels?

With the GoPro Hero +3 you can.

GoPro cameras were dubbed the 'go-to-guy of sports cameras' by TechRadar.

The latest Hero 3+ model attaches itself to your helmet so you can record your runs or rides as you do them for bragging rights, self-improvement or just remembering special moments.

It can also shoot regular photos, and is capable of capturing 30 images per second in burst mode.

It's smaller too, as well as being 25g lighter - surely an advantage for anyone 70 miles into a bike ride? 

It can shoot footage in full HD, 4K and other resolutions. 4K is four times as sharp as full HD, but you'll need a 4K UHD TV to watch it back in that format.

Of course you'll want to keep your camera safe between cycling and skiing. With the rugged LowePro case you can be sure of keeping it one piece.


Running on holiday

Summer Runner


With no work, cooking or cleaning, many runners see a holiday as the opportunity to get in a bit of extra training.

If you're planning on squeezing in some running to your holiday, or are going on a holiday that is all about the running, Asics offers some advice:

It says:

  • Aim to run less than you do at home
  • Make sure you dress for the country's climate
  • Try to combine it with sightseeing


Check out Asics' 10 tips for running on holiday


The gadget for running - Garmin Forerunner 15

Garmin Forerunner 15


The Garmin Forerunner 15 blends the traditional features of a running watch with a fitness band.

So you can expect GPS to track your run, as well as information showing the distance you've covered and in how much time. You can also set it up to show how many calories you have burned during your run - great inspiration if you find yourself flagging in the heat.

But aside from running it'll also track your fitness throughout the day. It has a pedometer feature to count how many steps you have taken, and it'll remind you when you've been sat in one place for too long.





Planning a holiday where you're spending most of your time in the sea? The world has some amazing snorkelling locations to choose from. 

TNT Magazine highlights Fernando de Noronha - an archipelago of 21 volcanic islands off the coast of Brazil. The Red Sea in Egypt is famed for its diving too - with crystal-clear waters and thousands of species of fish.

Remember though never dive alone, choose a safe site and check the tides - that's the advice of the British Sub Aqua Club. Read its 10 tips for safe snorkelling


The gadget for snorkelling - Fujifilm XP70

Fuji XP70


Want to create some memories of the life beneath the ocean surface? With the Fujifilm XP70 you can take pictures underwater. The camera will work up to depths of 10m, so is perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling in shallow waters.

Return home with pictures of your other half swimming among the shoals of tropical fish, or take a selfie of you both giving the thumbs up from beneath the ocean's surface.

The camera has a 16MP CMOS sensor to give better performance in low-light too, and is just as impressive on dry land. 


Peace of mind in case anything goes wrong

You're on a high-adrenalin holiday, racing down ski slopes or pedalling around bends. Make sure you're covered if your gadget is damaged  Instant Replacement Care Plan.