Four quirky gadgets from CES 2014

A smart toothbrush, a jumping robot on two wheels and a printer that churns out food in 3D were among the top weird gadgets at CES 2014 - here they are...

When you've spent three days solid looking at amazing but similar-looking TVs a jumping sumo robot which leaps into the air can really reinvigorate the senses.

This was just one of the slightly more quirky gadgets clamouring for attention amid the hype and buzz of the big boys of the tech world and their bling TVs and tablets.

Others that saw us do a double-take included a 3D printer that chucks our sweets rather than paper, and a toothbrush which helps keep tabs on the kids' brushing habits. 

Parrot Jumping Sumo robot

Parrot Jumping Sumo

How can a product fail with a name like Jumping Sumo? We loved it before we even knew what it was. But once we actually saw it we fell even further in love. It's a robot from the guys at Parrot that rolls around the floor on two wheels and jumps up in the air - as high as 2.5 ft - whenever you want.

At a CES preview event on Sunday it was seen jumping through basketball hoops - while on the show floor crowds clamoured to watch and photograph it as it rolled and leapt its way around a specially designed court.

Not particularly useful, but pretty damn cool.

Kolibree smart toothbrush to keep tabs on kids' brushing

Kolibree Toothbrush 1

Tired of wondering whether the kids are feeding you a line when they've told you they brushed their teeth?

The Kolibree smart toothbrush works with a corresponding app to not only check they have brushed them, but also whether they have brushed them properly.

It then provides feedback on how to brush better and areas that are being missed. It also works for adults who want to improve their brushing habits and get their whites even more pearly.

Chefjet printer which prints 3D sweets

Chefjet 3D Printer

Who wants to print paper when you can print 3D sweets? 3D Systems Chefjet printer can churn out sweets made of chocolate or sugar and flavoured with either vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry or watermelon.

3D printing is usually used for creating design prototypes and models in plastic and metal, but the Chefjet appeals to those with a sweet tooth by creating sugary treats in difficult to achieve shapes.

The sweet treats are printed in full colour with the larger Chefjet Pro thanks to technology which uses food colouring rather than printer ink.

Kyle von Hasseln, the co-founder of Sugar Labs, who designed the prototypes for the printers, said: "We spread a very fine layer of sugar and cocoa powder and an inkjet head that is just like the one in a desktop 2D printer squirts out cocoa butter and makes chocolate in real time and creates a chocolate sculpture in real time."

Trewgrip keyboard - steering wheel keyboard


The guys at Trewgrip took a regular keyboard, spilt it in half and turned it around to create a keyboard with the keys on the back of the device, which you then hold like a steering wheel.

A Trewgrip spokesman said: "It has the same layout as a qwerty keyboard except now the keys are on the back side of the keyboard."

But what the hell is it for? Well mainly for people who work on the go, and need to type as they walk.

The spokesman added: "It's very productive for people who have to do surveys out in the field. Instead of hunting for your smartphone or tablet, you can have a full keyboard while you're out there."

Hungry for more quirky gadgets? Here's a roundup of the weirdest tech at CES 2014:


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