Gadget greats for all types of Dads

Father’s Day is too often overlooked amid last minute preparations for summer getaways.


3D TVs could become must-haves for sports fans over the next few months

Whether you’re making desperate darts to the gym, or trawling the shops for a cool holiday outfit, finding a gift for dear old dad can plummet down the pecking order.

But once the clothes are packed and you realise the beer gut battle is futile, guilt tends to take over – it’s time to buy a gift.

Panic buying can lead to some bizarre choices, so to avoid embarrassment we’ve drawn up a list of presents for different types of dads:

The Footy Fanatic

Due to the increased ticket prices for football matches these days more of us are choosing to stay at home and watch from the comfort of our own living rooms. With cold beers readily available from the fridge and no fanatic screaming down your ear it’s easy to see why. The dawn of 3D TVs has also meant the home viewing experience is more immersive than ever before. If you’re lucky enough to have a top of the range surround sound system as well, you’ll practically be able to smell the pies at half time. Father’s Day could be the perfect excuse to propel your dad into the 3D revolution and help him get through a summer without the beautiful game. Just don’t expect to see the remote at the weekend ever again.

Our pick: LG 42LW450U 42inch Full HD LED 3D TV

The Pap Pa

You know you’re at a big function when there’s a row of snap-happy Dads jostling for the best photographic vantage point. But with fathers often stuck behind the camera they rarely get to be in the limelight themselves. If you’re bothered about getting his pearly whites into the family album, a tripod could allow him to complete both tasks simultaneously. Otherwise, if you’re quite happy keeping the old man behind the camera, or think a tripod might add to his confusion, a digital photo frame could be a good bet. He’d be able to use it to showcase his latest efforts and – if you just chuck a few of your ‘favourite’ pics on there before you give it to him – it will look really thoughtful. Sneaky, but it’ll work.

Our pick: LOGIK L07DPF10 7inch Digital Photo Frame

The Action Man

Action heroes like Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone are, sadly, becoming a thing of the past. This will never stop Dads trying to be like them though. Whether it’s alpha male syndrome or just watching 1980s action movies, every father wants to be as cool as John McClane in the eyes of their kids. When your dad spends hours down the gym, climbing walls or even fell running, he’s doing it to assert his masculinity and impress you. But even the most dedicated fitness fanatic struggles for motivation every now and then, so an iPod Touch jam-packed with inspirational tunes could be just what the doctor ordered. Alternatively, getting a Microsoft Kinect Sensor and Kinect Sports for the Xbox 360 will allow him to stay active without leaving the house as much – plus you’ll have the added entertainment of watching him play it!

Our pick: Microsoft Kinect and Kinect Sports

The Renowned Rocker

For Dads of a certain age hearing a single note from the guitars of Jimi Hendrix, Brian May or John Bonham has a profound effect. The mesmerising power of the riffs from this golden era of rock music causes them to maintain their long grey hair, despite how ‘uncool’ it looks. Dreams of playing to a sell-out stadium may have fallen by the wayside, but Guitar Hero can give them the feeling of being an adored legend – in their living room at least. If your dad is an ageing rocker, a top of the range hi-fi system could be a great gift to further fuel his nostalgia, making the legendary songs sound even better than ever before. Just make sure you have ear plugs handy when he tries to turn it up to 11.

Our pick: Philips MCi730 Streamium Wireless Hi-Fi System – Black

The Gaming Guru

In living rooms up and down the country it’s commonplace to find tantrums being thrown because the words ‘Game Over’ have appeared. Quite a lot of the time this is long after the kids have gone to bed and dads are the ones being told off by mums everywhere. After years of putting up with indistinguishable coloured blocks in arcades, the current games market is the playpen of their frustrated adolescent dreams. Happily, this should make gift buying incredibly easy as there are always new gadgets such as the Kinect or games like Duke Nukem Forever and Brink available.

Our pick: Brink (360, PS3)

What type of Dad have you got/are you? Have you decided what to get for Father’s Day yet? Comment below or tweet @dixonsintheknow