Gadgets we cannot live without

A new survey has shown not only do we love our gadgets, there are some we just cannot live without.

27 Nov 2012


One stroll down the high street is enough to tell us people love their gadgets - we sit tapping tablets in cafes and listening to iPods on the bus.


But a new survey has shown not only do we love our gadgets, there are some we just cannot live without.
A study conducted by the Gadget Show Live @ Christmas found tablets, broadband and laptops were all among the tech we deem as indispensable as our right (or left) arm.

With the average Monday night in most family homes seeing people browsing Twitter on tablets, watching on-demand telly on laptops and Premier League football in glorious high-definition on Sky, the news we're dependent on gadgets comes as no surprise.

The Gadget Show asked 1,000 of us about our favourite technology, and it found broadband was the second-most indispensable tech, followed by TV, laptops and tablets respectively. Broadband's stately ranking is a nod to the fact it powers much of what we do on other gadgets at home.

To this end, tablets are revolutionising how we use the internet, allowing us to shop from the sofa and tweet from the train. 2013 has been hailed the year of the tablet following a string of high-profile releases and figures showing ownership is likely to nearly double. In fact, we love tablets so much we voted the iPad our second favourite-ever gadget.

The number one gadget we couldn't live without was the smartphone, which has progressed from talking to texting to tweeting and beyond and sits alongside tablets such as the iPad at the centre of our lives (and our handbags).   

Gaming widows won't be surprised to see the games console has made it to number six in the indispensable list as men up and down the country disappear into their bunker to tackle the missions in the latest Call Of Duty or limber up to score the winning (virtual) header in FIFA 13.

More and more of us are replacing our dusty and heavy old books with lightweight e-readers, with backlight features bringing an end to bedtime rows over lights-off time. With e-readers so central to our cherished pre-sleep wind-down it's easy to see how we've voted them the ninth-most indispensable gadget.

The findings show how technology and everyday life have become increasingly intertwined, whether surfing the web, bashing a joypad or having a groove.

Gadget Show Live @ Christmas takes place in London from Friday 30th November.