How gadgets can make for a good morning

I’m not exactly what you’d call a morning person. Whatever time the alarm clock is set for always seems to be too early and I’m sure it reserves its most irritating chime for Monday mornings. How ruthless.

The sunrise… Who would have thought an alarm clock could imitate it?

But I begrudgingly accept that I do have to get out of bed at some point, especially on weekdays when there’s work to do.

So the challenge is to find a way to make the first hour of each day as pleasant as possible, thus making me less of a grumpy annoyance to family and colleagues alike.

I rely on gadgets to get me through most of the day, but don’t seem to have too many cool pieces of tech to illuminate my morning. I’ve decided it’s time to plan a few changes…

Clever alarm

My current alarm clock is a cheap, traditional model with two bells on top, so it’s not too expensive to replace when I throw it out of the window.

Pure seems to have put a lot of thought into their new alarm clock offering. It doesn’t just ‘go off’, it can be set up to simulate the rising sun by gradually increasing the light in the room – perfect for waking up on dingy winter mornings.

Once my flashy new alarm has got me out of bed in a good mood, I am ready to fix myself some breakfast.

Eggsactly how I like them

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Well, I like mine to be slightly runny in the middle, but normally they’re hard-boiled because I forget about them. So an egg boiler from Wahl which makes it easy to put in the right amount of water and alerts when it’s time to take them out is ideal.

A perfectly boiled egg does as much good for my outlook on the day as the smell of freshly-made coffee. I’m not such a connoisseur that I turn my nose up at instant, but imagine how good it’d be to use a coffeemaker each day? If it’s good enough to please George Clooney then I reckon it’ll cut down my visits to coffee shops.

Fully awake, all I’d need to do is make myself look good (which doesn’t take too long, of course)...

Cutting yourself shaving is a sure fire way of getting annoyed in the morning, but I reckon a nice electrical shaver could solve the problem and get the job done in half the time. I’d just need to give my teeth a quick once over with an electric toothbrush and I’d be ready for the day.

I’ll level with you – even with all these cool gadgets, I’d still rather spend an extra hour in bed every morning. But if it takes a counterfeit sunrise to trick my mind that it’s time to get up and leave me in an altogether better mood, then that’s what I’ll have to do… for everyone’s benefit.

What gadgets would you put in place to get you through the morning? Comment below or tweet @DixonsinTheKnow