How gadgets can spill the beans on you

If I have learned one lesson from the super-injunction saga, it’s that technology has made it nigh on impossible to keep a secret, no matter how hard you try.

Twitter and other websites have been rife with speculation about super-injunctions

Sportsmen, celebrities and actors alike are finding out that the best lawyers in the land cannot stop the surge of internet chatter. Rebellious tweeters and daring bloggers have defied the super-injunctions and named those they believe to be hiding something.

Not many of us are likely to become tabloid cannon fodder, but we still have our own secrets to keep. And it’s those pesky gadgets that are most likely to drop us in hot water.

Here’s the top five ways technology can reveal your secrets…

Leaving emails open on your laptop
It’s the classic way to have a secret blown open. You’re halfway through a strictly confidential email when the doorbell goes and you leave your laptop unattended. The LCD screen lights up like a Christmas tree to passers by, practically begging them to take a look at what’s on screen. Before you know it, they’ve leafed through your plans for anniversary gifts and a golfing holiday in Portugal with your mates. Still, it’s not as bad as leaving your Facebook open to mischief-makers…

Dodgy tunes exposed on stray mp3 players
There’s a chasm between the music we tell people we like and what can actually be found on our mp3 players. And nobody ever need know the truth about those Busted albums and Avril Lavigne sing-a-long classics, just as long as you keep a close eye on your iPod Touch. One misplaced mp3 player could put your reputation as a musical guru at jeopardy.

Microwave ding ruins image as the perfect host
Inviting a few friends round for a bite to eat can soon spiral out of control and become a full-blown dinner party. OK, so nobody is expecting you to become a gourmet chef overnight, but it would be nice to have everything served hot and on time. What’s the harm in letting your friends think you’ve pulled it all from the oven at once? Just make sure you hush your microwave before it beeps.

The camera never lies
What I used to enjoy about heavy nights out was being able to let my hair down completely and make a fool of myself, then denying any of it happened in the morning. That was until everyone seemed to have a digital camera or a camcorder with them… Now every embarrassing dance move and slurred sentence seems to be filmed for a permanent record.

I’ve been hard at work all day, honest…
Your other half is about to head out for the day, but just when you think its time to put your feet up and watch some low-brow television, you are handed a list. But after working through a few of the household chores you decide its time for some serious Xbox action. Hours later, your good lady arrives back and you spring into life, grabbing the Dyson vacuum cleaner. It’s the perfect crime… if only you didn’t leave Call of Duty: Black Ops on the screen.

Has technology ever spilt the beans on you? Comment below…