Liverpool is UK’s capital of gadgets

The typical Liverpudlian household has 40 gadgets — including a smartphone, a tablet computer, a Kindle and an iPod

We live in a world where youngsters grow up watching cartoons on iPads and Facebook updates are written from our phones.

It goes without saying we love our gadgets, but it would seem folk from Liverpool love them more than most.


That's according to a poll of 1,000 people conducted by Gadget Show Live, which revealed households in Liverpool owned more gadgets than any other UK city.

The typical Liverpudlian household has 40 gadgets - with a smartphone, a tablet computer, a Kindle and iPod among the list of typical gadgets owned.

We know the city was named European Capital of Culture a few years back, but the latest findings suggest it's UK Capital of Gadget too.

Liverpool didn't beat the competition by the kind of margins its 1970s football teams did though. Gadget lovers in Cardiff and London were not far behind when it came to tech, owning 39 and 37 respectively.

The birthplace of sonic innovators such as The Beatles and Echo and the Bunnymen, it's only natural Liverpool folk embrace the latest MP3 players, wireless speakers and other cutting-edge audio kit.

A wander along the city's Albert Dock on a Saturday night shows Liverpool is big on having a good time and looking good while doing so. The tech list reflects this, with hairdryers and straighteners among the typical gadgets owned by Liverpudlians - as well as digital cameras and digital photo frames to capture such memories.

Spencer Hidge of Gadget Show Live said. "Liverpudlians are renowned for their love of music, football and looking good so it makes sense that top tech like sound bars, wireless speakers, 3D TVs and hair straighteners made it onto their list."

Leeds and Manchester rounded off the top five, while Birmingham and Glasgow were also in the top 10.

But whether from Liverpool or Leeds, gadget lovers from across the UK will be heading to Birmingham for the Gadget Show Live between April 3 and 7.

We'll be a face in the crowd too, so be sure to keep an eye on Tech Talk for the rub on the show.