Quirky gadgets of CES 2013

Take a look at some of the more novel gadgets to dominate proceedings in 2013

12 Jan 2013


The tech world is departing Vegas en masse as the International CES stretches, yawns and packs up for another year.
We're feeling as reflective as you can after five days in Vegas so now's as good a time as any to look at some of the more novel gadgets to dominate proceedings in 2013.

10) The Hapi Fork Monitors Our Eating Habits As We Tuck In

When it comes to novel products at CES 2013, the name on everyone's lips is HAPIfork.

The fork has been racking up column inches like Robin van Persie racks up goals, with its makers saying it can monitor how much we're eating. It uses sensors to keep tabs on how much we're putting in our mouths and gives a gentle buzz when we're eating too quickly - pretty damn nifty.

So, that's monitoring what we're eating - what about monitoring what's going on in our plant pots? Okay, so perhaps not as appealing, but still important stuff for anyone with green fingers. Wireless innovators Parrot introduced its Flower Power at CES 2013, a device which can be stuck in your plant pots to keep tabs on sunlight, humidity and temperature. The device uses Bluetooth to send the information to your mobile.

Wearable gadgets were a big look at this year's CES, and the Fitbit Flex wristband is an activity tracker that can monitor the calories you burn, the steps you take and even how much sleep you get.

I know people who've ended up dropping their phone in the loo when they've not had a decent night's kip. This brings us nicely to the next on our list. Although not technically a gadget, we can bend the rules for Liquipel. We strolled past the company's stand and were suitably intrigued to have a look. The boffins behind Liquipel say the coating can protect our iPads and phones should we find ourselves dropping them in water. It says its tiny layer "keeps electronics working despite being dropped in liquid".

There were many more quirky gadgets on show at CES, but these are a few of our favourites.

Have to run, we've got packing to do now - our flight is in the morning.