Sail through Christmas with smart tech

Stay one step ahead this Christmas with our range of smart tech – from knowing when the kids are creeping downstairs on Christmas Eve to warming the house for unexpected guests

Christmas is great fun, but it can descend into chaos at times. There are a few situations common to every Christmas – here’s how smart tech from the likes of Samsung SmartThings, Nest and Philips can help you keep things running smoothly.

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  1. The kids keep coming downstairs on Christmas Eve

The kids won’t go to sleep. Of course they won’t, they’re excited – did you ever go to sleep for your folks? But you’re trying to wrap last-minute presents downstairs, and they keep creeping down and peering around the door.

How smart tech can help: Get a smartphone message whenever they get out of bed with the Samsung Smart Things Starter Kit. It includes a Multi Sensor that can detect movement. Just attach the small, wireless sensor to their bedroom door after you’ve put them to bed. You’ll get an alert when they open the door. Don’t forget to remove it the next day though, or the alerts will soon become tiresome!

What’s SmartThings? A smart home hub that connects wirelessly over the internet with compatible smart devices to let you control your home and keep it safe. You control your devices from the SmartThings app on your Samsung phone.

  1. You’re worrying about the bigger kids on the town

On other hand, your kids are grown up – and they’re out enjoying the Christmas Eve festivities. You’re tired and ready for bed, but you want to know they’ve got home safely.Smartthingsstarter

How smart tech can help: Receive a message telling you when they get home with the help of SmartThings. Give each member of the family a Presence Sensor to place on their keys. When they come through the door you’ll get a message telling you who has arrived home.

  1. You’ve left the fridge-freezer door open

You’re rushing around on Christmas Eve, prepping veg and pigs in blankets for the morning. But when you put the last of the food into the fridge for the night the door didn’t shut properly. It stays like that all night because you’ve gone up to bed – and your food is ruined.

How smart tech can help: Know when you leave the fridge door open within minutes by attaching a SmartThings Multi Sensor to it. You’ll get an alert delivered to your phone, which can be set to be delivered when the door has been open for a minute – or more, or less.

  1. You’re bringing guests back to a cold home

You’ve been out for a Christmas drink with some friends and you’ve decided on impulse to invite them back to yours for a festive tipple – who can say no to a quick nightcap? Only thing is, it’s freezing cold and you know the heating’s been off all day. A stone-cold house is hardly welcoming.

How smart tech can help: You can switch on your heating from anywhere using your smartphone with the Nest Learning Thermostat. It also learns how warm you like your home to be and creates a tailored heating programme.


  1. You need a coffee to cope with Christmas morning

You’re awakened by your excited kids. It’s still pitch black. Your bedside clock says 5am. But you know you’re getting up. If you’re going to get through this morning in one piece you’re going to need a strong coffee – but no one’s offering to make it.

How smart tech can help: You can wake with the aromas of freshly brewed coffee wafting up the stairs with the help of a Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit and your existing coffee machine.

Plug the Power Outlet into a plug socket and the plug in your coffee machine. Then you can use the SmartThings app to set it to brew for when – inevitably – you’ll be woken up.

  1. Your Christmas party is a bit flat

You’ve invited the neighbours round for a bit of a Christmas shindig. You’ve bought in plenty of food and drink, but the party isn’t really kicking. People are a bit funny about dancing under unforgiving bright lights, and your stereo is marooned in the kitchen.

How smart tech can help: Transform your home into a trendy nightspot with Sonos multi-room speakers. Have different music playing in each room for a smooth effect, or the same for extra amplification. Change it around with a tap on your smartphone. Turn the room into a dancefloor with some disco lighting courtesy of Philips Hue smart lightbulbs.

  1. You left the lights on before going away

You’re hitting the road to see family this Christmas. You’re pretty chuffed you managed to get your stuff packed, the kids ready and be in the car on schedule. Only thing is, halfway into your journey you realise you left the upstairs lights on – and you’re not coming home for a week.

How smart tech can help: You can switch your lights on or off from anywhere with Philips Hue smart lightbulbs. Control your lights using the smartphone app, provided you have an internet connection.


  1. You’re worried about your empty home

You’re having a great time staying with relatives, but you don’t like leaving your home empty for so long. Particularly at this time of the year, when people expect it to be full of expensive gifts.

How smart tech can help: Make it appear as though you’re home with Philips Hue lightbulbs. Set the lights to come on when it gets dark and switch off again at bedtime.  You can also be notified when a door or window opens with the Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit. Fit the Multi Sensor to your doors or windows and receive an alert to your phone if they’re opened.

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