Some days you´re the bug, some days the windscreen

11 Jan 2011


The realisation that the festive season is properly over has that same Sunday-night sinking feeling ahead of a new work week, only intensified! A month ago my life had such promise. I had a new Galaxy Tab (!!), parties to look forward to, ambitions for the year ahead, unwavering hopes of lottery wins and a body like Kelly Brook…

Not even two weeks into 2011 and I'm scouring the travel sites for a holiday I can afford, eagerly awaiting my daily Groupon email looking for a mood-enhancing pamper deal, recruiting my friends for a cheesecake bake-off - desperate for things to look forward to and distract me from the demoralizing realisation that this year will probably be… pretty much like last year.

Some days you're the bug.jpg

During the festive season, you're the windscreen - thick-skinned and courageous, ready to take on any old road kill that's flicked up at you. At the end of Jan, you're the bug - broken, wingless, battered by the windscreen wiper until you're disregarded in the next car wash. I think the trick is to delay setting your New Year's resolutions until the end of January. That way they might be more achievable.

So, my 'updated' New Year's resolutions are taking shape and they look something like this:

1.Body like Kelly Brook.
UPDATED TO: Play Kinect. Limit cookie intake. Take stairs. Download health and fitness apps on tablet.

2.Two adventurous holidays to exotic locations.
UPDATED TO: Buy sat nav and visit Auntie Margy in Cheltenham.

3.Get organised! Buy a digital scanner, scan all paperwork and save to external hard drive. Organise the downstairs cupboard, buy storage bins and move stuff to the loft.
UPDATED TO: Throw stuff away! Buy boyfriend new iPod if he cleans out downstairs cupboard.

4. Spend less on going out and on clothes. Pay off credit card.
UPDATED TO: Make packed lunches. Make own coffee and avoid cafe temptation.

5.Save for renovations and conservatory.
UPDATED TO: Vacuum. Paint bedroom. Fix heater before summer.

The fundamental point of technology is that it makes life easier, so in an attempt at fulfilling my resolutions, I've ordered a couple of gadgets to aid my new fitness regime. I've also found some nifty apps that will help achieve these new level-headed resolutions:

  • A (lazy) fool and his money are soon parted. CardioTrainer is an Android app that really motivates by making it expensive to miss your workouts. It allows you to stake money on yourself to exercise every week. If you make it, the money gets refunded, if you don't it's donated to charity. It also has GPS tracking, pedometer, music integration and world high scores so you can see how unfit you are on a global scale.
  • IExpenseIt tracks all your daily transactions, taking into account your bills as well as your wayward shopping sprees. It shows your account balance as a battery icon that gets more depleted as the days go, pretty scary at first but a good tool to get you in the habit of keeping track of your dosh.
  • The Snack App is my favourite! Firstly, it's free. And it recommends snacks to satisfy your cravings for under 200 calories. Whether you're feeling like something salty, sweet, crunchy or creamy, the Snack App will recommend snacks in these categories at 50, 100 or 200 calories, depending on how guilty you feel about what you've eaten in the day thus far…

Have you felt a bit like the bug so far this New Year? What would your 'updated' resolutions be if you reset them at the end of Jan?