Tech to get your work-life balance right

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Don’t be like Jack. Get your work/life balance right with these tech ideas.

14 Feb 2019


Learn to work smarter with Microsoft Surface Pro 6


Surface Pro 6 v2


We all know someone at work who gets in super-early and leaves super-late, but what do they do when they’re actually there? Hmm. Not much.

You see, it’s all about working smarter, not longer. And when the work is done, it’s play time. That’s why these Microsoft Surface laptops are so good. For one thing, they’re great for work – writing, drawing, helping you put together a knockout presentation, or helping you collaborate with other people on your latest project. But then, when the day’s done, you can kick back, stream a show (the screen is stunning) and enjoy great music in amazing quality.

It’s light, so you can carry it around easily, and with a battery that’ll last all day, you won’t need to be chained to the plug socket. Yep, it’s pretty much the perfect laptop. So how about you start work later tomorrow? – we’re sure the boss won’t mind.

You can get a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 here

Get an energy boost with the Nutribullet Pro 900 blender




What’s better than raspberries and banana and apple? The answer – raspberries and banana and apple when it’s all been blended together, of course. If you haven’t yet joined the blending revolution, it’s not too late. Soon you’ll know like the rest of us that blending stuff is AMAZING!

It’s the perfect pre-work boost. With this Nutribullet blender, you just need to spend a couple of minutes in the morning mixing up your favourite fruit or veg, and you’ve instantly got a tasty drink to take with you in the car or on the train.

Why not get creative and try different combinations? Whatever you’ve got to hand, chuck it in, and give yourself a tasty – and healthy – drink. If you’re anything like us, you won’t look back.

Join the revolution with a Nutribullet Pro 900 blender

Manage work life and home life with the Google Home Hub


Home hub


In life, there are things we need answers for – the boring but essential stuff that gets us through the day – and things that we don’t need but are nice to have. Google Home Hub is there for both.

First, the essentials. It wakes us up, tells us how the traffic’s looking and tells us where we need to be during the day – and when. It even tells us if it’s a brolly or warm coat type of day. And, with its 7-inch screen, you can see the information you need even faster.

But, as well as the functional workaday stuff, Google Home Hub is there for you when you get home – and fits perfectly into your smart home. It’ll turn your lights on or change the TV channel with a single command. You can control your heating too – it’s compatible with Nest.

If you’re in the mood for some tunes, you can use your voice to search YouTube Music for your favourite songs and bands, log in to your Spotify account or listen to your favourite radio stations. And for nostalgia-fests, you can ask Google to show your holiday photos, and they'll be displayed on screen.

Want Google Home to help with your work/life balance? Get yourself a Home Hub.

Track every activity with a Samsung Galaxy Watch



When work gets on top of you and you need to wind down, one of the best ways to release the stresses and strains of a busy day is with a bit of exercise. Go for a run or a walk with the dog, anything that’ll get the endorphins flowing.

With the Samsung Galaxy smart watch, you can stay on top of your fitness – track your steps, cycling, swimming and more – and even receive notifications on your wrist. So, if you can’t keep your mind out of the office, at least you’ll be able to read any messages on the go.

The thing is, despite being a smart watch, it looks great as a watch in its own right, so you can easily wear it at work. And when you’re back home at the end of the day, you can connect your watch to all your other Samsung SmartThings – so you can control your fridge, lights, CCTV and more from your wrist. It’s not called SmartThings for nothing.

Get a Samsung Galaxy Watch here

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