Top 5 gadgets to make you look clever

There must have been some red faces at the news organisations and tech blogs that carried a story about 'research' showing Internet Explorer users have a lower than average IQ.

If you want to look clever, like this guy, follow our advice

The results, which were sure to offend about half of web surfers, put a smug smile on the chops of Firefox and Chrome users… and probably caused a few Internet Explorer uses to switch browsers on the sly.

But users of the world's most popular browser can breathe a sigh of relief - the so-called research was in fact a bogus story.

Nevertheless, it did get me thinking about what the programmes and the gadgets we use say about us. If you peer over someone's shoulder and see them browsing the web on Opera, do you think they're smarter for choosing a rarer browser?

Here are our top 5 gadgets to make you look clever:

1. eReader
You don't need a paperback to appear 'bookish' to passers by anymore. Simply station yourself in a high street coffee shop or pitch up in the park with your eReader and watch your perceived IQ soar.

This method of looking like a genius works particularly well if you sigh wistfully before moving on to the next chapter of an arduous novel, or quote George Orwell aloud to anyone who is within earshot.

2. Tablet
Tablets like the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are perfect for exhibiting your intelligence in public places. Why not set out to impress people by downloading some spreadsheets that are rich in data.

Prepare pie charts, bar graphs and a host of graphics from said data and then position yourself towards the front of the bus. People behind you will marvel at your analytical skills while you flick between datasheets.

3. Portable DAB radio
What's the best thing about portable DAB digital radios? OK, the crystal-clear sound quality and wide choice of stations might be the first things that spring to mind, but if you want to look smart then it's all about the large display.

Leave your portable DAB radio in view of others, but make sure it's tuned BBC Radio 4 or Classic FM to convince friends you're an intellectual.

4. Nintendo DS
Gaming might not sound like the pursuit of a genius, unless it's their leisure time. However, you can prove to people (or at least lead them to believe) that you take this being intelligent lark seriously by spending all your downtime playing Dr Kawashima's Brain Training on your Nintendo DS.

Be sure to turn your nose up at all other games in public, but feel free to switch on Call of Duty: Black Ops in private.

5. Self-built computer
We've all considered putting our own desktop PC together at one time or another. Building a computer to your exact specification is intriguing, but ultimately most of us just leave it to the experts.

However, you can look like the brave one by removing all the maker's labels from your desktop and putting all the packaging and receipts in the bin. You can now preach down the pub about how much you've saved and how anybody can do it.

Do you think tech can make you appear smarter than you actually are? Comment below or tweet @DixonsinTheKnow