What do your gadgets say about you?

08 Jul 2011


I like to laugh at dedicated followers of fashion. They tear up their wardrobe season after season to fit in with the latest style, with little concern for how daft they look or the damage that it’s doing to their bank account.

Do you flaunt your gadgets like a model on the catwalk?

If those jeans were ‘so right’ last month and remain in pristine condition, why are they relegated to the back of your wardrobe now? It’s hilarious.

But perhaps I was a little too quick to poke fun. A British Heart Foundation survey found two-thirds of people view the latest gadgets and appliances as status symbols.

One in 10 people put upgrading their gadgets down to boredom, while a third of those surveyed dipped into their pockets just because they wanted the latest gear.

So are you the sort of tech consumer who buys the latest gadgets the second they hit the shelves, or are you still living in the dark ages? Tot up your score to find out.

My mobile phone is a…
a) Cutting edge smartphone (3 points)
b) Touchscreen, but not the latest (2 points)
c) Brick (1 point)

a) Flashy tablet with superfast laptop at home (3)
b) Pretty handy laptop (2)
c) Do I really need to upgrade from Windows XP? (1)

Cameras and camcorders
a) HD camcorder and tidy digital SLR number (3)
b) Compact digital camera that more than does the job (2)
c) Still clicking with a throwaway (1)

a) 3D TV and it’s web-connected (3)
b) HD Ready (2)
c) CRT television from the 90s (1)

Home entertainment system
a) Blu-ray player and mega-powerful speakers (3)
b) DVD player with stacks of movies (2)
c) VHS tapes look more robust to me (1)

a) Serious gamer – I’ve got multiple consoles (3)
b) I’m a big fan of my Xbox 360/PS3/Nintendo 3DS (2)
c) Meh, I prefer draughts (1)

Kettles and coffeemakers
a) Coffeemaker George Clooney would be proud of (3)
b) Shiny new kettle, boils water in style (2)
c) Listen out for a whistle, my kettle’s on the hob (1)

MP3 player
a) The latest generation of iPods (3)
b) I’ve got an MP3 player. It plays music, what more do you want? (2)
c) I use cassettes and I’m not even a pretentious indie kid (1)

Fridge freezers
a) American-style fridge freezer – I love the ice-making gadget (3)
b) Fridge and freezer fitted into my kitchen (2)
c) A coolbox does the job just as well (1)

a) A professional grade electric toothbrush that makes my teeth ding when I smile (3)
b) A handy electric toothbrush (2)
c) Just a regular toothbrush, but I don’t have many teeth left anyway… (1)

How did you score?

30-25 Tech Tragic! You’re always first with the latest devices, you geek.
24-20 Gadget Guru! You love your tech, but you’re no trendsetter.
19-15 Slow Start Up! You’ve dipped your feet into the tech world.
14-10 Silicon Valley Square! I’m surprised you can even use a computer.

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