Day off from being a mum? In my dreams...

21 Jan 2011


I love being a mum. Without wanting to sound too soppy, my one-year old is the best thing that ever happened to me. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes dream of having a day off. A day where I can just chill out, take my ‘mum and girlfriend’ hat off, have a bit of me time and rediscover the things I used to do before my world was taken over by endless nappy changes, bath-times, teething, coughs and colds and sleepless nights (I’m not really selling it am I? It’s really rewarding having children, honest).

wet gretta.jpg
If I lived near the sea, this would definitely be me

What did I used to do before all this? It’s all but a distant memory. I used to go out a lot, that’s what I do remember. Festivals, gigs, pubs, weekends partying…And on the weekends where I just wanted to chill: films, food, reading and music. So what would I do if I had a day off now? A whole day, from morning ‘til night, doing only what I wanted; oh the possibilities…

Firstly, I would not move from my bed for at least a couple of hours. I’d make myself a nice latte with my Tassimo beverage machine (ok, so I’d have to move for that), stay under my electric blanket and read Sebastian Faulkes’ new book on my Sony eReader. Bliss. By this time, hunger would most definitely be calling me, so I’d go downstairs and make a lovely mozzarella and tomato panini on my panini press and park myself on the couch. What to do next? Do I even have to think about it? Samsung LCD TV on, LG Blu-ray player on. That collection of films I’ve been wanting to watch over the last year but have never got round to is definitely next on the agenda. I’m thinking three films should do it. Maybe halfway through, if I get a little restless, I can get out my heated back and neck massager and sort out the knots in my back that come from lifting a heavy baby up and down constantly. Wow, is that the time already? This day off is going a little too quickly…

Feeling in a need of a little fresh air, I think I’d take a nice evening stroll and then make my way home to make a yummy dinner of fish and vegetables with my Tefal steamer. Of course, such a healthy dinner needs a little bit of something naughty, so I’d pull out a beautifully chilled bottle of Chablis from my wine cooler and sit, revelling in the pure peacefulness of it all.

The clock is ticking and my day off is coming to an end, but I definitely feel so much better. The overwhelming tiredness has gone, the achy head and joints from lack of sleep, gone, the running on adrenaline, gone…I feel like a new woman! I’m now ready to don my mum hat, pick up my baby and take on the world!