Dixons gadget match-making service (Episode 2)

Helping customers find 'that special household companion' since 1937

Ladies and gentlemen, this week on the Currys PC World match-making service, we welcome ThaRiteWay, BigBoy1TB, SayCheeeez and the one-of-a-kind PlaySnapShoot3D! All of these eligible pieces of tech are looking for love on our Dixons match-making service. Take a look at their profiles and get to know them a bit better.

Episode 2 (a).JPG

Meet: ThaRiteWay (aka TomTom Via 110 Europe Sat Nav)
Handsome, well-spoken TomTom seeking polished dashboard to call home. Speaks 44 different languages and knows Europe like the back of its hands free calling feature. Has a knack for getting out of tricky situations and knows all the best places to shop. Let's go the distance together…

Episode 2 (b).JPG

Meet: SayCheeeez (aka Panasonic FZ38 Digital SLR Camera)
Cheeky, yet sophisticated DSLR looking for that special neck to watch the sunrise from. Adores high-end fashion so has a Leica lens, darling, and records video in HD. Very easy to please - loves sports, wildlife, parties and scenery. When I zoom in on something, I always get what I want! ;)

Episode 2 (c).JPG

Meet: PlaySnapShoot3D (aka Nintendo 3DS)
Fun-loving, handheld console looking for friendship and good times. If you're into 3D gaming, video and photography, let's get together. I have 3 cameras, 2 screens and an extendable stylus that you can borrow if your fingers are stumpy. I've soooo much more to tell you…

Episode 2 (d).JPG

Meet: BigBoy 1TB (aka Iomega 1TB Home Media Network Hard Drive)
Slick and well-connected hard drive looking for media-loving home or office to fill the void inside. Superfast athlete who gets on well with Windows, Mac and Linux too, not fussy. Likes a close-knit home network too. I've got a terabyte of love to give!

If you'd like to take home one of these sweet-cheek gadgets, you know what to do. If you'd like to rate our stars this week by posting below, we just may publish it on their wall, so be kind…